25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 1:48


02:44: It's all over! Here are the final chip counts from Flight B. 13/54 made it through.

Lewis Walker 310,800
Paul Chew 216,100
Robert Franks 163,500
Rami Saleh 101,800
Marius Varanavicius 87,300
Will Smith 87,200
Graham Doherty 65,900
Alan Robertson 65,500
Jonathan McRitchie 60,900
Nicholas Law 57,500
Raymond Innes 45,800
Steven Smith 47,600
Keith Douglas 39,900

02:33: Rami Saleh opens to 4k and Nicholas Waters ships for 29k. Rami makes the call and tables 98o. Nicholas has QJ. Waters drowns on the River as Rami hits a Straight. Nicholas Waters out. 13 left.

02:31: Another late exit from James Low on the other table. 14 left. Still a hand or two to play on each table.

02:25: Late exit for Stevie Gray. That's twice now he's busted in the last 5 hands as the exact same happened to him last night. Sore one :-(

02:23: It's last FIVE hands. Same as last night.

02:22: Clock stopped at 8 minutes and we'll randomly pick 3, 4 or 5 final hands to play.

02:13: I'm a bit tired so not too many updates the last level or so. Saving myself for tomorrow. And Sunday. 16 minutes of play left tonight.

02:12: Stevie Gray getting short and open-shoves UTG. Will Smith in the BB shows an Ace and folds. Stevie shows a Five.

02:05: John Allan out! He raised with TT, flopped a Full House on the KKT but still lost to Rami Saleh's K9 when another King hit the River. They got it all in on the Flop. 16 left.

02:00: The final 17:

01:54: Lewis Walker could have about 310k. A huge stack for this time in the tournament. Usually the overall chip leaders have in the 200-250k range at most at these 25/25 Series events.

01:51: Rami moving back in the right direction as he eliminates short stack Craig Spowart with A9 vs A5 all in pre-flop. 17 remain.

01:50: Last level of the night!

26th September 2015 @ 2:19
Just gonna catch up with it all, appreciated again MJS ty
26th September 2015 @ 2:27
Any truth to the rumour scotspro will be interviewed on the podcast MJS?
26th September 2015 @ 2:28
UL Stevie Gray.
26th September 2015 @ 2:29
Would certainly like to interview Scots Pro but pretty busy this weekend with the blog. Hopefully will be able to catch up with him on Skype soon.
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