25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 22:38


23:17: Break time. Chip counts coming up.

23:12: Andriy Myro been moved to Spike's left on Table 1. The horsey sound effects are in full swing now.

23:07: Next break in 10 minutes. We are down to 35/54 players so far. Last night 15/53 made it to Day 2.

23:02: Stevie Gray opens for 1.2k and gets 4 callers! Flop KhJh5d and Stevie leads for 2.8k (with just 7.1k behind). He gets 1 call then Gordon Anderson ships all in for about 27k. Stevie snap-calls and the other player folds. It's AK (top pair) for Gordon and KJ (top 2 pair) for Stevie. He holds and gets a much-needed double up. Gordon says "I should've shoved it pre-flop".

22:58: Iain Drummond in a bit of bother with a rather short 9k.

22:57: Rami Saleh looks like he has over 90k.

22:56: Shout out for Wilson...

22:55: Gordon Anderson on about 25k too and Robert Franks looking good with 89k.

22:53: Andriy Myro has about 20k and Mark Eadie 25k.

22:52: Lloyd Jack Update: Not looking great on about 9k.

22:50: Spike Update: He's still got about 50-55k and is unusually quiet at the moment. He says he's determined to cash in this event.

22:44: Same table, next hand. Shortie Mathew Buchan open-shoves for about 6k with Qd9d. He is called by Stevie Gray with AT but the Flop brings both a Queen and a Nine and Stevie isn't able to back-door anything. Double up for Buchan. Stevie down to about 14k himself.

22:43: On Table 2, Gordon Anderson opens to 1.4k UTG, no callers.

22:40: Boaby on fire on Twitter tonight. Now commenting on one of the excellent squad of travelling dealers, Ross Gaff.

22:39: Down to 39/54 players now.

22:38: Into Level 6 now. Break after this one and chip counts will be provided then.

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