25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 21:54


22:36: Andriy getting some "support" on Twitter...

22:35: Boaby asking if Ian Wright has shown up yet. No sign of him. Maybe tomorrow...

22:31: Double up for Marius. About 15k doubled with QQ vs Gordon Anderson's AK all in pre-flop. Must be the lucky ice-cream!

22:30: Spike requested more photos of Marius eating. I think he was being sarcastic but here is his dessert anyway...

22:27: Nice flop for Rob Franks on Table 1. He had 22 and took out another player with AJ on the AJ2!

22:23: Peter Stephen out a bit earlier during my dinner break.

22:17: I'm back! We now have a 6 handed cash game running on the side. Think it's £1/2 NL.

22:02: Quick dinner break for me. Having a wee fish 'n' chips. Normal blogging service will resume shortly....

22:01: Raymond Innes went to look for Allan Reid to collect his £50 Last Longer winnings but Allan is no where to be found.

21:59: Some more pictures...

Marius Varanavicius enjoying a steak

21:58: Allan Reid reporting to the rail now! Dispatched by Dundee regular, Iain Drummond. Raymond Innes delighted as this means he's just won a £50 Last Longer bet with Allan!

21:57: A few different pics from around the room...

Mike Salvador

Rami Saleh

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