25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 21:00


21:53: Apparently Spike loves his good friend Boaby...

21:42: On Table 4, Kevin Robertson is all in pre-flop with 77 vs Andrew Gray's TT. It's looking great fro Kevin with a Seven in the Window as the Flop comes out but there's a Ten under it and another on the Turn to leave him drawing dead and walking out the door.

21:40: Allan Reid makes it 1k from early position. He thinks it's 200/400 and tries to grab it back but  the raise stands. Mike Salvador 3bets to 3k on Button and Allan calls. Heads up. They check it all the way and Mike wins with AQ, Ace High.

21:28: Dennis disappointed at the lack of Fife players involved so far...

21:25: Lewis F wishes good luck to "daddygman". Not sure who that is but good luck all the same!

21:22: Spike has heard about Boaby's 2-pint bounty on his head but says he'll buy himself 5 pints if he gets knocked out.

21:19: Total entries now 107 contributing £21,400 to the £25,000 guarantee meaning we'll quickly break through it at the start of Flight C tomorrow at 4pm.

21:16: Seating with 49/54 left.

21:14: Talked to Stuart Wilson at the break. To answer the reader questions, he hasnt had anything to eat yet and hasn't had any apple juice so far. He has confirmed that he is on the OJ at the moment.

21:11: Boaby J increased his bounty on chip leader Spike's head to 2 pints now!

21:10: Dennis Shaw just joined the blog for the evening...

21:09: Some of the biggest stacks from around the room:

Raymond "Spike" Innes 65k
Keith Douglas 51k
Gordon "Gogzee" Anderson 46k
Jonathan McRitchie 43k
Craig Spowart 38k
Mathew Buchan 36k
William Johnston 34k
James McIntosh 34k
Elvis Upesleja 34k
Allan Reid 30k
Alan Robertson 30k

21:02: Stuart Wilson is renowned casino food critic so David G is keen for updates on tonight's offerings. I'll see what Stuart has to say at the break.

21:01: Players on a 15 minute break. Up to 52 entries tonight and 15 minutes left to get involved.

25th September 2015 @ 21:22
Good luck to daddygman
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