25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 20:19


21:00: Break time. Chip counts coming soon.

20:58: Looks like Spike has received his first threat of the day...

20:57: Boaby Jardine asking Stuart Wilson if there is any Apple Juice today. That's Stuart's favourite drink I believe.

20:56: Wayne Shinnie and Rob Franks also on Table 1:

20:55: Stuart Wilson has been moved to Table 1:

20:54: On the subject of Spike, David Girdwood has just tweeted about him. No warnings yet. He's on his best behaviour.

20:51: Looks like Raymond "Spike" Innes has over 60k!

20:47: Our first break is in 13 minutes then we'll get the top chip counts from around the room.

20:45: Stevie Gray has just called a 4.5k bet on the River vs Gordon Anderson and lost. Gordon had Qs9s for Trips on the Flop and Stevie had QQ. Stevie down to about 20k.

20:44: Please tweet something. I'm getting lonely...

20:42: We've yet to see the first ever 25/25 Aberdeen winner Boaby Jardine. Wonder if he'll drop in late tonight or tomorrow. He's the #2 man on the overall 25/25 Scotland rankings which you can check out at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php.

20:35: Double up for Stevie Gray. He got it all in on the Flop with 87 for an open ended straight draw and got there vs Peter Stephen's JJ over pair. Peter looks like he's down to less than 5k now.

20:29: Next hand there are a couple of 200 limps (including Andriy) and Stuart Wilson raises the Button to 600. Mark Eadie comes along from the BB and the 2 limpers call. Flop KcTh8c. Andriy leads for about 950. Original Raiser, Stuart, folds but Mark calls. The other player folds and it's heads up to the Turn which is Ah (Andriy did request the 2d as it was being dealt but the dealer didn't deliver). Mark checks and Andriy bets 1.5k, Mark calls. River 4d and Mark checks again. Andriy bets 2.5k. Andriy says "I have a King", Mark says "It's no good". Mark thinks it over for a bit longer but eventually folds. Andriy shows K8 for 2 pair.

20:27: Wandered by Table 5 and Mark Eadie was calling Andriy Myro a "nit". He elaborated, "I don't care if you wear a horse mask, you're still a massive nit".

20:25: Cries of "Booooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmm" can be heard on the other side of the room. This usually means Andriy Myro has won a pot.

20:24: Up to 48 entries now. Only 1 bust-out and it was Andy Gray. He has since re-entered however.

20:20: All photos from tonight are available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1018814248140529.1073741891.694051143950176&type=3 and last night at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1018411708180783.1073741890.694051143950176&type=3

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