25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 19:39


20:12: On Table 3, James McIntosh blind raises to 300 UTG. Allan Reid says before the cards are dealt, "Please, if there is a God, give me something to work with here". Allan makes it 1k when it comes to him and everyone, including James, folds! Allan shows 64o.

20:09: Some players are definitely horsing around tonight...

20:08: Allan Reid can talk again! His opponent in the no-talking side bet just bought out for £10!

20:07: Stevie Gray just celebrated winning his first pot of the night (he stole the blinds).

19:55: Please don't forget to comment on the blog if you have any feedback or to ask for updates on a particular player you are following. Will do my best to accomodate.

19:54: Up to 47 entries and 0 eliminations so far.

19:50: I can hear horse noises so Andriy must have his battery operated horse noise device with him again.

19:48: Lewis Fowler sent over one extra prediction that he forgot to include:
"Oh and Wilson to bust twice tonight as he almost always gets it in bad hence his name Stuart (get it bad in) Wilson"

19:45: Our Aberdeen Strategy Correspondent, Lewis Fowler, has provided his insight into tonight's 6 tables so far...

Table 1
"Spike has a lot of gears and will be very active along with Salvador but both will probably spew at some point. Nicky is a pretty tight solid player. Andy gray is probably the best player on table and I expect him and Robert franks to control it."

Table 2
"Marius is far too tight for his own good. Doesn't really spew but will probably do enough to get through with about 50-70k. Peter Stephen is a pretty tight player also but I would expect Stevie gray to boss and own this table."

Table 3
"Allan Reid to do an Andriy and build up a stack quickly then spew and come back tomorrow for another bullet or 2. Lee Richards to get it in bad and get there. The guy's on a massive up-swing on roulette right now. This is just a bit of shits and giggles for him. He will probably win first prize at the break with a couple of spins of the wheel, get pissed and start abusing everyone on his table. Tosh and Lewis Walker to dominate this table. Lewis Walker getting lots of deep runs on stars and making a lot of final tables then it just goes tits up."

Table 4
"Kestutis is very loose and aggressive. I would expect Lloyd to do well on this table."

Table 5
"Andriy to fire more bullets. His stack size will go probably massive and he'll probably spew again like yesterday. Always expect the unexpected with him. Mark easier on bullet number 2. At least it can't be as bad as his last 25/25 when he fired 6 so improved already and saving some cash into the bargain. I expect Allan Robertson to own this table."

Table 6
"Don't know too many there but Wayne will click buttons, go through gears, get it in bad and get there then get it in good and get fucked. That's just how he rollz."

19:42: Will Smith raises to 250 and Jonathan McRichie calls from the SB for heads up. They checked it all the way the River and Will's 33 was good enough to take it down.

19:40: Starting Level 2 now! Don't forget to keep your tweets coming with the #2525aberdeen hashtag - thank you.

25th September 2015 @ 19:58
Stuart(get it in bad)Wilson to bust twice tonight again
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