25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 18:37


19:35: We have 98 players total between last night and tonight so far generating £19.600 towards the £25,000 guarantee. Late registration is 9.15pm tonight. We also have another flight 4pm tomorrow with late registration till 6.15pm.

19:31: Stuart Wilson is in the building! He is the 45th player to enter tonight.

19:30: Still on Table 2, Will Smith opens to 250 UTG+1, Jonathan calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop TcTd8s. Check/Check. Turn 3d. Check/Check. River Ah. Will bets 500, Jonathan folds.

19:28: Next hand, Peter Stephen opens to 300 again. This time Jonathan McRitchie calls in the SB for heads up. Flop Jc3h2d. Jonathan check/calls a 425 bet from Peter. Turn 4s. Jonathan checks, Peter bets 1k, Jonathan calls. River 9c, Jonathan checks, Peter gives up and checks. Jonathan shows J9 for 2 pair and it's good.

19:27: Back on Table 2, Peter Stephen opens to 300 in the Hijack. No callers.

19:25: I've asked Lewis Fowler for his table analysis for tonight so will be able to add that to the blog soon I hope.

19:23: Up to 42 entries now...

19:17: Fergie was just visiting actually. He's off now and will play tomorrow.

19:12: On Table 3, the silent Allan Reid opens for 300 in early position. His only caller is Lewis Walker in the BB. The Flop arrives as JcJd7c and Lewis check/calls a 300 bet from Allan. Turn 5s and Lewis checks again. Allan bets 800 but now Lewis makes a raise to 2k. Allan calls. River As and Lewis fires 3.5k. Allan doesn't look happy, thinks for a bit, points his middle finger in Lewis' direction then calls. I think Lewis said "Ace" then Allan showed KJ for Trips and took the pot down. As Allan can't talk he's using hand signals to make his bets when he doesn't have the right change.

19:10: Alex Ferguson said last night that he wasn't coming back till Saturday but I can hear his lovely voice from across the room...

19:07: Great news for the field tonight...

19:05: Still on Table 2, Jonathan McRitchie limps for 100 UTG, Gordon Anderson also limps and Peter Stephen joins the fun on the Button. The 2 blinds call and check. Flop Kh3h3s and all 5 players check. Turn 2d. Jonathan McRitchie bets 225 and takes it down.

19:04: On Table 2, Marius Varanavicius raises the Button and.... wins the blinds.

19:03: Up to 33 already and players still queuing up at the desk.

19:01: Lucky Andriy won an 11 player £20 flip for a seat just moments ago!

19:00: Started with 24 players.

18:46: Boaby Jardine willing to put his hand in his pocket for the person that knocks Raymond "Spike" Innes out!

18:44: Our 25/25 Dundee leg winner from May this year has just arrived and bought in. Rob Franks...

18:38: Please keep the tweets coming during tonight's game. Thank you.

18:37: Flight B will start at 7pm.

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