25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th September 2015 @ 0:23


01:05: Break time.

01:02: Carnage just before the break with double elmination on Table 4. Lloyd Jack limps for 1k (AQ), Chris Barclay limps on the Button (5h4h) then Scott Maxwell (AA) raises from the SB to 6k. Lloyd then jams all in for 17k and Chris re-jams for about 50k! Scott makes the easy call with both covered and manages to hold up. Chris Barclay and Lloyd Jack reporting to the rail.

00:59: Les Clark in decent shape. He has a top ranking the FRS so it is to be expected I suppose.

00:58: More cheeps for the cheep leader. Looks like he got a bit lucky with AT vs AQ although all the chips did go in on the Turn after he'd hit Trips.

00:55: Last break of the night in 5 minutes then we play 2 more levels.

00:50: Karka asking "can you update stacks for: -Marius Andrej LLoyd Thanks :]". Marius has 28k, Andriy 17k and Lloyd 18k. If anyone else is following someone and would like an update just comment below and I'll see what I can do.

00:48: The £1/2 NL cash game filling up and sounds quite lively. Might be worth a visit.

00:47: Some words of support for recent bustee Mark Eadie from Allan Reid....

00:46: Chip leader, Shahid Mahmood, just been moved to Thomas Ward's immediate left.

00:44: Looks like Robert Cumming also out from Table 3. Just arrived on the scene late but looked like AT vs AK.

00:43: Dropping fast. Kris Buckley also out from Table 1. His K9 all in pre-flop vs AQ couldn't improve.

00:42: Mark Eadie also busted. 30 left.

00:41: Todd Cairns on the rail! Down to 31 players from 53 now.

00:33: Lloyd Jack shoves all in for his last 6.2k and gets 2 callers in the blinds! He doesn't look happy, stands up and puts his jacket on before the flop is even out. However, the 2 others players check it all the way to the River and miraculously Lloyd's 44 holds vs A9 and Kx. The old put-the-jacket-on trick works again!

00:26: The final 4 tables...

00:24: Here is the penultimate pair of Top Trumps...

00:23: Into Level 8 and our final break of the day will be after this one then we play 2 more levels before bagging up.

25th September 2015 @ 0:49
can you update stacks for: -Marius Andrej LLoyd Thanks :]
25th September 2015 @ 0:52
Marius has 28k, Andriy 17k and Lloyd 18k.
25th September 2015 @ 0:54
Cheerz man ;)
25th September 2015 @ 1:07
Jon J
T Lets hear it for Don, Les, and Jesus!
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