25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th September 2015 @ 22:42


23:21: Lucky Fergie! Daryl Benton opens UTG and Alex Ferguson ships for 11.5k. James Hardie then re-ships for more. Daryl folds and it's Fergie's KJ vs James' AJ. Not looking good and Fergie is already walking away from the table as the Flop comes AQ4. Turn Q but the miracle river (Ten-ball) hits for the Broadway Straight and he doubles up.

23:20: Resident bookie, Allan Reid, has a new proposition...

23:18: Next break coming up in 3 minutes. Chip counts to follow. No one was keen to do another flip on time break. No idea why...

23:16: Thomas Ward looks like he has about 50k. Mark Eadie (out of position vs Thomas all night) says Thomas has been "god-modeing" him.

23:12: Allan Reid still following the action from home. He also fancied Les to bust Andriy but that doesn't look good now that Les has just moved tables.

23:10: Les Clark being moved from Table 5 much to his disappointment. He's off to Table 1. Les jokingly accused the card room supervisor of picking on him by moving him "just because Lewis Fowler isn't here tonight".

23:09: Next 2 Top Trumps...

23:04: Had a wee wander round the room. There aren't too many huge stacks yet. Looks like Shahid "Bad Mood" Mahmood could be the chip leader with about 75k. Full counts at the next break after this level though.

22:57: Les Clark opens, James Hardie ships for 11k then Chris Barclay re-ships for quite a bit more. Les folds. James shows AQ and Chris KJ. The AQ holds and James gets a much-needed double up.

22:53: Andriy opens for 2.3k but can't call James Hardie's 8.5k shove from the BB! Andriy shows 92o.

22:50: Stuart Wilson responding to Lewis Fowler's accusation that he always gets it in bad in the Level 5 blog comments section. Lewis has also previously promised to play every hand blind vs Stuart in an effort to bust him. His wrath was incurred after Stuart allegedly jinxed Lewis on several occassions when running deep in other tournaments.

22:46: If you're really bored you could always listen to the brand new Scottish Poker Podcast. We've released 2 episodes so far. Check it out below or at https://soundcloud.com/scottish-poker-podcast.

22:43: Still got these lovely Scottish Poker badges and card protectors going free if anyone would like one...

22:40: Blinds up. Break after the end of Level 6 when we'll get the top chip counts.

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