25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th September 2015 @ 22:01


22:34: Robert Grant opens to 1.2k, Andriy M calls but Les Clark 3bets to 3.6k on the Button. Robert folds but Andriy decides to see the Flop. It comes KhTh3c. Andriy check/folds to a bet from Les.

22:29: Robert Grant limps for 400 then Andriy Myroshnychenko raises to 1.6k. Both blinds call but Robert folds. 3-way to the Flop which comes down Th6c5h. James Hardie (SB) leads for 5,025. Ian Morrison (BB) and Andriy both fold. James shows 9d8d!

22:25: Chris Barclay opens to 1.2k UTG+1, Don Walker (on his immediate left) 3bets to 3k. Back to Chris and he calls. Flop 8c6d4s. Chris checks, Don bets 3.6k. Chris tank/calls. Then he checks in the dark. Turn Tc. Don doesn't slow down and bets 4.8k. Chris folds.

22:18: Still on Table 5 and we have 5 limpers this time! Andiry M then min-raises to 800 from the SB (I thought I heard him say 1,950 but he has 800 in front of him so perhaps he said it too late or something) and everyone calls! Flop Tc7s2c. Don Walker bets 1k when checked to and Ian Morrison is the only caller, out of position. Turn Qs. Ian checks and Don bets again, looks like between 4k and 5k. Ian calls. River Ad. Ian checks again and Don fires 7k. Ian folds.

22:12: On Table 5, James Hardie and Chris Barclay limp for 400. On the Button, Daryl Benton raises to 1.8k. The only caller is Chris B. Flop 9s4s3h. Chris checks, Daryl bets 2.1k. Chris folds.

22:05: Jamie Ballantyne is out! Down to 45/53 now so we'll be breaking up Table 6.

22:02: The next 2 Aberdeen Player Top Trumps...

22:01: Blinds up!

24th September 2015 @ 22:12
Lewis Fowler
Come on Martin Wilson trump card no special talents? Does getting it in bad not count?
24th September 2015 @ 22:19
Hello Stuart Wilson I take it the lucky shirt will be going on if you are intending playing the 2525. Better hope scots pro all blind Is not on your table as u know he going to play it blind if u are on his table Say that what is it they us to say get it in bad Willson thoughts me Willson
24th September 2015 @ 22:19
It's funny. Alex F actually just said the same thing! Only he said the skill was getting it in bad, then sucking out.
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