25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th September 2015 @ 21:13


21:55: Previous 25/25 Series runner up (twice), Grant Cooper, goes to war pre-flop with John Thain on Table 2. Grant opened to 700 in the cut-off then John 3bet to 1.9k on the Button. Back to Grant and he pretty quickly 4bet to 4.8k. John couldn't continue and let it go this time though.

21:42: The chip values for this leg are:

25 Yellow
100 Blue
500 Red
1k Green
5k Black
25k Purple

21:35: Alan Robertson sounds like he'll be here for Flight B tomorrow at 7pm. Late registration 9.15pm same as tonight. The last chance to play is Saturday at 4pm with late registration till 6.15pm. All players return for Day 2 on Sunday at 12pm.

21:33: Andriy Myroshnychenko and Alex Ferguson have changed into their serious poker gear at the break...

21:30: Here are the next 2 Aberdeen Player Top Trumps:

21:29: Looks like the final count for Flight A is 53 so that's £10,600 contributed towards the £25,000 guarantee.

21:28: Scottish Poker's #1 Blog Fan, Dennis Shaw, following as always:

21:27: Stuart Wilson rooting for Dougie...

21:19: Alex Ferguson finally rounded up 10 people to take part in his £30 flip at the break. Bit of controversy however, as the event blogger (yes, me) took it down! I'll have to use the £220 seat for the next leg! 2nd and 3rd places got £40 each. The run out was a major sweat for Stevie Gray as he has the Nut Straight (76) with 1 card left to come but my 53 (2 pair) made a full house in the end! Easy money.

21:15: The latest seating:

21:13: Top stacks at the first break:

Andriy Myroshnychenko 68k
Steven Smith 59k
Sergei Kozlov 54k
Kevin McKenna 50k
Grant Cooper 40k
Steven Gray 38k
Todd Cairns 36k
Lloyd Jack 36k
Les Clark 37k
Andy Gray 35k
Tom Blair 33k
Thomas Ward 29k

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