25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th September 2015 @ 20:21


21:00: Break time! 52 entries and 48 left. Still 15 minutes to enter tonight.

20:59: Andriy's back-up horse head (he prefers the shark one) along with his horsey sound effect device. It looks like an evil horse to me.

20:52: Jamie Ballantyne out soon after, all in with QQ vs Robert Grant's As7s (Flush Draw). Robert spiked an Ace on the River to send Jamie packing.

20:47: On Table 5, Jamie Ballantyne opened to 600 UTG and got 4 callers. He continued for 1.1k on the Ac8s4d flop and everyone folded!

20:45: Glasgow players at 34k (Todd Cairns) and 11k (GK Kamal). Wil get the top stacks from all tables at the break in 15 minutes or so.

20:39: The next 2 Aberdeen Player Top Trumps...

20:37: Sounds like Alex Ferguson has rounded up about 8 people for his £30 flip at the break. He is looking for 2 more players if anyone is keen...

20:30: On Table 6, Bryan Mearns (Seat 9) doubles up with AA vs Randy Strongman's QQ (Seat 7). The last 8k of Bryan's stack went in on the flop with Randy reluctantly calling his shove on 9h7h4s. The Turn was 3d and River 7d for Bryan to double up.

20:24: On Table 5, Alex Ferguson has called for a clock. ON HIMSELF. He is facing a 5.1k river bet from Daryl Benton on a board of Qs4c3h-3s-Ah. Alex also has a small device that plays several different horse sound effects which he passes to Daryl and asks him to press the top button if he's bluffing. Daryl elects not to press the button and Alex folds, showing a Queen. Daryl shows nothing and drags in the pot.

20:23: Sam Ieong is the first and only player out so far. However, he has re-entered and is back in action. Up to 50 entries tonight.

20:21: Into Level 3 now.

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