25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th September 2015 @ 19:41


20:19: Andriy Myroshnychenko on about 57k.

20:14: Allan Reid starting a book on where the eventual winner will hail from:

20:09: On Table 5, Andriy Myroshnychenko opens to 425 and is 3bet by Les Clark in the cut-off to 1,200. James Hardie calls on the Button as does Don Walker from the BB. Original Raiser, Andriy comes along too. Flop Td7c6s. Andriy checks and Les throws out 4.2k. All 3 opponents fold although Andriy does have a good think before he lets it go. Les says "Fold more quickly next time" after the hand.

20:03: Team Glasgow members Todd Cairns and GK Kamal just arrived and bought in. Up to 48 entries. No eliminations yet though.

19:57: Stuart Wilson has joined us on Twitter! Hopefully he has something a bit more interesting to say later...

19:56: Here are the next 2 local players in our get-to-know-you Top Trumps....

19:52: Alex Ferguson seems to have lost a bit pot Full House vs Full House. He's still in but is asking Marius V to contribute to his second bullet because "Marius' money is very lucky". Les Clark won the pot vs Alex. Alex still has about 18k though. He was up to over 30k before that one.

19:47: Our Aberdeen Strategy Correspondent, Lewis Fowler, has provided his insight on some of the tables...

Table 1
"Thomas and kris to dominate table 1. mark's game went down in my eyes after watching him have 280k 3 handed, other guy had about 170 and Les Clark had 30k (5 bigs) and les just ran over the top of them. mark was trying to limp into pots and not use his stack, even saw him min click les clark's big blind, les shipped for like 3 bigs on top and he folds. like wtf."

Table 2
"Table 2 is a interesting table with Marius, grant, randy, Stevie gray on it. Stevie gray and grant to dominate table. Marius will go through with 60k."

Table 3
"Table 3 les sim and Andy gray to dominate it. Stevie nicol is very loose and very lucky. if he starts hitting god mode he could end up chip leader but will probably spew at some point."

Table 4
"Table 4 this would be a good table to be on as would be easy to accumulate chips on Lloyd and Peter to dominate it out of local players"

Table 5
"If I could pick any table to be on this would be it. Bet les Clark is loving this table. have lots of aggressive players in fergie, Andriy, daryl and don. there will be lots of swings of stack sizes here. expect les Clark to pick them off 1 by 1. daryl will probably accumulate then spew. don will probably hit god mode getting it in bad and getting there. fergie will either boss the table and keep a hold of his chips and go into day 2 from this flight as chip leader or get caught by les Clark with his knickers down. Andriy expect the unpredictable."

19:45: Some of the other players on Table 5:

19:43: "Shark" Andriy Myroshnychenko and Alex Ferguson on Table 5:

19:42: Les Clark is here tonight. He has cashed twice, made 1 FT and has total earnings of £1,950 on the Scottish 25/25 Series. £1,950£1,950

24th September 2015 @ 20:06
a lot of sharks at the tables tonight wonder which ones will make it throught too day 2 on les admiral
24th September 2015 @ 20:14
wayne run so good against Scott pro or blind%uD83D%uDE02%uD83D%uDE02
Will Scott's pro all in blind be make appearance to play the 25:25
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