25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th September 2015 @ 17:20


19:40: Blinds up.

19:38:  Scott Maxwell (left) clearly loving life and delighted to be here. Chris Barclay on the right.

19:37: Mark Eadie and Thomas Ward side by side on Table 1:

19:36: The field looks quite tough tonight. Plenty of sharks around...

19:35: Up to 45 entries now. Late registration is at the end of Level 3 plus the break = 9.15pm.

19:21: Latest seating...

19:17: Dundee's Scott Maxwell just arrived. He has 2 final tables and total earnings of £4,120 on the 25/25 Series Scotland.

19:15: Off to a great start with 37 entries.

19:13: Thanks to Boaby Jardine for kicking off the #2525aberdeen hashtag on Twitter...

19:10: Please tweet your updates with #2525aberdeen

19:05: What is the "FRS Rank" on the Top Trumps I hear you ask? Well, it's the "Fowler Ranking System" of course. Aberdeen player Lewis Fowler regularly puts together his own rankings for local poker talent. Positions on the FRS are somewhat subjective but the release of the new rankings always generates a bit of discussion on the local scene. Here is the latest FRS along with Lewis' own personal comments on each player...

(1) Thomas Ward Biggest live cash and most consistent casher of all time in the ukipt tour hasn't done anything for a while though obviously partying to much

(2) Les Clark The Admiral Aberdeen's very own all time casher

(3) Martin Suttcliffe Aberdeens best cash player whether live or online

(4) Andrew Moore Chopped the sunday million on stars 3 ways and played on for the rest finishing 3rd also had lots of other decent cashes online and 3rd in the Dundee masters but doesn't get to play as much now a days as working abroad a lot

(5) Boaby Jardine Binked one 25/25 and final tabled 3 others

(6) Graham Doherty Doesn't play as much live as he used to, But was player of the summer series festival in Aberdeen and some decent online cashes over the years

(7) Alex Ferguson Crushed the 25/25 last time it was in Aberdeen also one of the biggest movers up the Frs after that result, Doesn't seem to be spewing his stack off or getting upset these day must be chilling out with old age

(8) Murray John Pauline Doesn't play a lot but when he played the old gala casino in Aberdeen he said no deal on final table so respect and was only his 3rd live tourney also was down in the genting the other week and cashed plus he is the Aberdeen G casino manager and gives me everything for free that alone is worth top 10 entre for looking after his punters

(9) Mindaugas Kriauciunas Very solid and consistent casher just doesn't seem to be able to get a first place unless its a weekly night tourney in Aberdeen

(10) Ian Wright Very aggressive on the tables hates when you play back at him though, But got decent all round game

(11) Les Sim Solid player, Who's been in a very rich reign of form of late, Plus a Genuine down to earth guy, Who's been through the wars of hell and back and won and even that couldn't stop him from coming in for the game he loves so much, Good on you Les

(12) Chinese Sammy Aberdeen's very own self proclaimed g tourney professional, Another very consistent casher since poker began in Aberdeen, The silent assassin

(13) Neil Kerr Consistent and very solid but often over thinks for the standard of play in Aberdeen

(14) Lewis Coffin over the last year his game has come on leaps and bounds and been getting some good results in better tourneys than the weekly night games of Aberdeen but doesn't seem to be able to take anything down deffo due a bink

(15) John Durkin cracking player who doesn't play as much as he should because of work commitments, but one of the few players who has giving me a return with a percentage swap

(16) Kris Buckley should play more than he does and very consistent, punished him a little for doing a 6 way chop last Friday even though the average was only 6 bigs as i was expecting him to say no deal, but if I am honest i would of probably put him in at 13th as consistently makes money out of tourneys and cash when he finds the time to play

(17) Ross Loggie Consistent online and has the best online tourney record by miles but for live play just doesn't seem to know how to bink a tourney and get over the finishing line, tbh I think he is playing a lot more cash live now a days than anything else, But deffo due a big bink in a big tourney and by big I don't mean a pishy 25/25 but who knows maybe if he can bink a 25/25 and get that first trophy then the flood gates will open for bigger and better things should deffo be higher

(18) Alan Robertson Another solid player who should play more but cant because of work commitments, Should deffo play bigger live events Plus had some decent online results aswell sometimes a little to tight for his own good

(19) Jordan Craig Another who's game has improved over the last year and love the fact he always says no deal

(20) Gerarld Cochlan doesn't play Aberdeen a lot and normally pissed and plays for shit and giggles when he does, Had some cracking results online and someone who has a very solid game and should deffo play more live has the potential to knock Thomas of top spot if he did

(21) Steven Solid player has a bit of the fergie of old in him and spewing big stacks but there is hope for him yet as he should be looking at Alex Ferguson for inspiration on how he has turned things around with his game and binked his first trophy, ?stevie? seems to be doing better at cash these day maybe its the transition of jumping back and forth that is catching him out and making him a little bit exhausted mentally

(22) Ollie John Schaffmann his ranking has slipped with hardly ever playing now a days need to practice more improve his game and get back into the top 10 where he should be, has had some very decent live and online cashes

(23) Stewart Barrie one of the few who has binked a Grosvenor casino poker trophy, Has very solid tournament and cash game but doesn't get to play so much now a days with working abroad a lot, but when ever hes back and does come in he's never far away in the tournament I have seen, one of the few who knows how to take a tournament down

(24) Richard Scott Another one who has a solid tournament game, With a grosvenor casino poker trophy in the bag and knows how to take a tournament down

(25) Carolyn Gray The best female poker player in Aberdeen who gives a lot of the men a run for there money, Who has had cashes and done well all over the world, She loves the game and loves live poker

(26) Mark Eadie I would say he is a better cash player than tournament player but pretty decent at both just doesn't run good at the business ends of tournaments probably a little to tight for his own good from what I have saw with live and online but has had some decent cashes manly online though

(27) Grant Cooper another pretty solid player who had back to back 2nd places in the 25/25 needs some head up experience in my opinion but still a decent effort all the same

(28) Andy Gray solid player whether cash or tournaments and consistent casher since poker began in Aberdeen taught his wife how to play, but I think she has surpassed him and is now a better tournament player, very humble and down to earth guy who is good to feed for information and thought process of hands off of

(29) George Lawler The Doyle Brunsen of Aberdeen a absolute gent of a guy, One of the most genuine people in the card room who has always been trying to help the younger generation, Doesn't come in as much now a days or I would put him up higher but when ever he does is normally always there or there about's, Another consistent casher from when poker started in Aberdeen

(30) Ryan Duff the gambler loves to click buttons and get funky a loose aggressive player who's game is more suited to tournaments than cash

(31) Mike Macdonald we need Murray John Pauline to lift your ban and let you back in so you can climb back up the FRS rankings love playing blackjack with this guy

(32) Malcolm Mckinlay Haven't saw him in ages, Pretty solid player, His 2 biggest live cashes have been in Omaha games though, But he has binked a tourney down in dtd this year and been a bit unlucky in other tourneys he has played. Remember he did play a final table with phil helmouth years ago

(33) Weland Holroyd Needs to play more live and stay sober but kinda crushes cash table when he's pissed though

(34) Kevin Watt AKA Smoker doesn't play a lot now adays but when he did come out of his semi retirement and did play in the monthly he did nae bad if he was playing more would deffo be up higher

(35) Debbie Masson slipped a bit in the rankings with not playing as much now a days but always been a consistent casher in Aberdeen since poker began up in the old nash on queens road

(36) Alex Notman used to a consistent casher in Aberdeen and loved a game of blackjack

(37) Kenny Fong had some decent online cases and was a bit unlucky this year at gukpt in Edinburgh but got a decent all round game for both tournaments and cash

(38) Mark milne another who hardly plays but has a very decent game

(39) Andy Milne AKA Shady used to be a very consistent casher in Aberdeen and online i havent seen him in ages in a bit of a dark place but if he could find his way to the light deffo has the potential to be a top 10 player

(40) Lewis Walker had some cracking cashes online only problem is once he gets to a final table he never ever seems to take it down

19:04: Alex Ferguson has made it clear to his table that he will not be bluffing due to only getting 6 hours sleep out of the last 58.

19:02: Alex Ferguson, Andriy Myroshnychenko and Les Clark all seated on the new Table 5.

19:01: To help you to get to know the local Aberdeen crowd we have some player profiles in the form of Top Trumps. I'll release 2 every level for the rest of Flight A. Here are the first couple...

19:00: We're under way with 24 players! Alex Ferguson running around the poker room trying to recruit players for a £25 flip for a seat.

18:57: Here are the seating arragements for the 7pm start. Lots more players queuing up to get in as well.

18:45: About 15 minutes till kick-off and there are 17 players registered for Flight A. Would expect about 50-60 by the end of tonight.

18:28: Managed to catch a picture of Andriy outside a few minutes earlier as he arrived with his good friend, Allan Reid.

18:26: First customer already here nice and early and it's..... Andriy Anatolievich Myroshnychenko!

18:25: Free badges and card protectors available at the blogging station this evening...

17:30: If you are playing the 25/25 this week, supporting a friend or just reading the blog please tweet some updates and include the #2525aberdeen hashtag. Doing this means I can include your tweets on the blog and it really helps me out. Thanks in advance!

17:25: We also keep a record of all the results from the Scottish 25/25 events. Colin Gillon is the overall leader with earnings of £17,690. Boaby Jardine, an Aberdeen player, is in the Number 2 spot but he leads the way in terms of number of Final Tables with 4. Legendary Scottish grinder, John Angus, has the most number of cashes with 5. Check our where you are at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php.

17:22: This is our 16th 25/25 Series event in Scotland. Here's a reminder of the winners from the first 15:

17:20: 25/25 Aberdeen kicks off at 7pm tonight. We'll be here blogging from the first hand right through to the conclusion on Sunday night when we crown the champion.

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