25/25 Glasgow IV - Final Table - Level 27 (40000/80000/8000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 20th July 2015 @ 1:15


01:41: Thomas raises, Gordon calls. Flop 3d4d5s. Check/Check. Turn Kc. Check/Check. River Tc. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 180k. Gordon shoves all in (1,750k)! Didn't expect that. Thomas in the tank. He eventually folds.

01:40: Raise and take it for Gordon.

01:39: Thomas offers Gordon some Wasabi Peas. Gordon accepts a few.

01:38: Gordon 175k, Thomas calls. Flop AdQs4h. Check/Check. Turn Jd. Check, Gordon bets and takes it down.

01:36: Thomas opens to 160k, Gordon shoves for about 1.5 million! Thomas folds.

01:34: Thomas makes it 160k, Gordon calls. Flop Jc4c4d. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 160k, Gordon calls. Turn 4c. Check, Thomas bets 245k. Gordon folds.

01:32: Gordon limps, Thomas checks. Flop 7d3d2d. Check/Check. Turn Qs, Check/Check. River 8h. Check/Check. Gordon wins with T7.

01:30: Thomas 160k, Gordon calls. Flop Td8d3h. Check/Check. Turn Kc. Check, Thomas bets 170k, Gordon calls. River 4d. Gordon checks, Thomas checks. Gordon wins with Jh8d.

01:29: Gordon limps, Thomas checks. Flop Ac5c2h. Check, Gordon bets 100k. Thomas folds.

01:28: Thomas makes it 160k, Gordon shoves all in! Thomas folds.

01:24: Gordon limps, Thomas checks. Flop Kh9h2s. Check and Gordon bets 200k. Thomas calls. Turn Qs. Thomas checks, Gordon shoves all in (725k). Thomas tank/folds.

01:22: Medium pot for Thomas there. Looks like Gordon down to about 1 million vs 4 million.

01:20: A few small pots either way the last 5 mins.

01:17: Approx stacks:

Gordon Huntly 2 million
Thomas Ward 3 million

01:16: Blinds up. Still heads up here playing for £1k.

20th July 2015 @ 2:04
Martin, don't worry. 25/25 events never go past level 28
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