25/25 Glasgow IV - Final Table - Level 26 (30000/60000/6000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 20th July 2015 @ 0:47


01:14: Thomas folds his button.

01:12: Gordon limps, Thomas checks. They check the rest of the way. Bottom pair good for Thomas.

01:10: Thomas 120k, Gordon calls. Flop Qh8h4s. Gordon check/calls a 125k bet. Turn Js. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 225k, Gordon calls. River 9h. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 345k. Gordon calls. Thomas has Ts3s for a Straight. It's good.

01:09: Gordon 130k, Thomas folds.

01:07: Limp from Gordon, Thomas checks. Flop Kd8s7h. Check/Check. Turn 7d. Thomas bets 70k, Gordon calls. River 9s. Thomas bets 85k. No call.

01:05: 120k from Thomas, call. Flop AcJs9h. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 125k, Gordon calls. Turn 6c. Gordon checks, Thomas checks. River Qs. Gordon checks, Thomas checks. Thomas wins with K6.

01:04: 125k from Gordon, no call.

01:03: 120k from Thomas. Call. Flop Jh8s5c. Check/Check. Turn 3h. Gordon leads 150k, Thomas calls. River Td. Gordon bets 200k, Thomas folds.

01:02: This might take a few hours. Or a few minutes. Hope it's the latter!

01:01: Walk for Thomas.

01:00: 120k from Thomas. Gordon shoves! First big move of the heads up. No call.

00:59: Gordon limps, Thomas checks. Flop is checked. Turn is checked. Gordon bets 75k on the River. No call.

00:57: Gordon wins a small one from Thomas, picking off a 9 High river bluff.

00:56: Walk for Thomas.

00:55: Walk for Gordon.

00:54: Gordon limps the Button, Thomas checks. Flop KJ6. Thomas check/calls 75k. Turn Ah. Check/Check. River 4. Check/Check Thomas wins with 65.

00:52: Thomas opens to 120k, Gordon calls. Flop Kh9c3h. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 125k, Gordon calls. Turn Jh, Gordon checks, Thomas checks. River Ts. Check/Check. A6 for Gordon, J6 for Thomas. Thomas wins.

00:50: Gordon raises to 125k on the Button. Thomas 3best to 365k. Gordon folds.

00:49: 120k from Thomas on the Button, Gordon calls. Flop Qh3d2s. Gordon checks, Thomas bets 125k, Gordon folds.

00:47: We are heads up now. They have agreed to take £9,440 (Thomas) and £9,120 (Gordon) and play for the last £1,000.

20th July 2015 @ 1:18
Delighted for Tom and Gordon. Both top guys. Sorry there has to be a winner Here.
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