25/25 Glasgow IV - Final Table - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 22:22


23:08: Players going on a 15 minute break now.

23:07: Chip counts estimation 4 handed:

James McAuley 600k
Martin Gallagher 600k
Gordon Huntly 800k
Thomas Ward 3,000k

23:04: Thomas raises to 65k, Martin ships for about 500k. Thomas folds.

23:01: Thomas opens for 65k, Neil ships all in! It's A9 vs Neils T9. No miracle and Neil is out in 5th for £2,200.

23:00: Neil has 69k plus the 30k he has in the BB this hand.

22:57: Neil all in and gets 3 callers! He manages to hit a Straight and chop it with Martin.

22:54: Neil shoves all in, Martin does too! 2 short stacks. Neil has 77, Martin A8. Martin spikes an Ace on the River and doubles up, Neil is left with 46k (1.5bb).

22:52: Thomas folds one UTG. James makes it 60k instead. Gordon calls in the BB. Flop Jc8d7s. Gordon checks, James checks. Turn 2c. Check/Check. River 9d. Check and James bets 50k. Gordon folds.

22:51: Thomas opens again to 65k UTG+1. No contest. He says he thinks he's won 10 hands in a row. Plenty chips now:

22:50: Thomas opens to 65k on the Button. Wins it. James tells him to "Lay off. It was funny at the start the no any more".

22:49: Neil says he can feel a hand coming up and asks Thomas to raise this one before the cards are out.

22:47: Small pot for Thomas.

22:40: Thomas opens, Nicol calls on the Button as does Neil in the BB. Flop Jd3d2c. Neil checks, Thomas bets 88k, Nicol thinking it over for a minute or so. He raises to 188k. Neil folds. Back to Thomas and he calls immediately. Turn 7d. Thomas checks, Nicol shoves all in! Thomas super-snap-calls and shows AdAs. Nicol is behind with KsJs. The River is 5d and Thomas eliminates Nicol in 6th place for £1,640. 5 remain.

22:38: Jim Kynoch been in touch to say he is sure James will take down this.

22:36: Martin open-shoves for about 250k. No call.

22:29: Thomas opens to 60k and Nicol 3bets to 160k from the Button, Thomas calls. Flop Qd5c2s. Thomas checks, Nicol bets 320k, Thomas shoves all in! Nicol folds. Thomas takes the chip lead.

22:28: Approx visual counts:

James McAuley 830k
Neil Feenan 470k
Martin Gallagher 310k
Gordon Huntly 900k
Thomas Ward 1,200k
Nicol Kinnear 1,300k

22:26: Gordon opens to 65k in the cut-off, Thomas 3bets to 147k from the Button. Back to Gordon and he folds.

22:25: Anyone still following? Who do you fancy for the win from the last 6?

22:24: Payout reminder so far:

1st £11,800                            
2nd £7,760                            
3rd £4,880                            
4th £3,320                            
5th £2,200                            
6th £1,640                            
7th £1,320 Scott Maxwell
8th £1,120 Steve Martin
9th £960 Marius Varanavicius
10th £840 John Hunter
11th £720 Chris Craig
12th £640 Paul Hendry
13th £640 Kyle Swan
14th £560 Roddy MacNeil
15th £560 Sam Wardlaw   
16th £520 John Stirling
17th £520 John Angus

22:23: New level. Still 6 players left:

James McAuley
Neil Feenan
Martin Gallagher
Gordon Huntly
Thomas Ward
Nicol Kinnear

19th July 2015 @ 22:25
Tom Ward FTW
19th July 2015 @ 22:27
Tom obviously
19th July 2015 @ 22:34
Hang on in there Neil ... Just keep grinding away
19th July 2015 @ 22:40
Martin ! Boss
19th July 2015 @ 22:44
James will win it on his home turf !!
19th July 2015 @ 22:44
Railing Gordon from the U.S. Go GH!
19th July 2015 @ 22:47
good luck mayfields number one ....
19th July 2015 @ 22:48
Dennis Shaw
Neil feenan
19th July 2015 @ 23:01
Unlucky Neil
19th July 2015 @ 23:11
there's no beating the power of fep. GG cuntos
19th July 2015 @ 23:15
fuck ICM KJ is the nuts.
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