25/25 Glasgow IV - Final Table - Level 22 (12000/24000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 21:22


22:20: Gordon raises from the SB, Thomas folds his BB.

22:19: Nicol makes it 56k UTG+1. Nae callers.

22:18: Walk for Martin. He shows Aces! Ouch.

22:16: James calls the SB, Neil checks. James min-bets 24k on the Flop and takes it.

22:15: Gordon raises to 52k in the cut-off. No takers.

22:14: Gordon opens the Button to 52k, Nicol calls in the BB, Flop QdTd5h. Nicol leads out for 80k, Gordon folds.

22:13: He found them, panic over.

22:12: James has lost his Refreshers and said there's going to be a "Square Go" unless he gets them back.

22:11: Walk for Thomas from Gordon.

22:10: Thomas opens for 50k, Neil shoves all in for about 400k. Thomas folds.

22:03: Another Dundonian bites the dust! James opens to 100k on the Button and Scott ships all in from the SB. He has 55. James snap-calls with AK and hits a Full House to send Scott out in 7th for £1,320.

22:00: Gordon opens with A9 and Steve ships all in with A8. Gordon calls. He hits 2 Pair and Steve is out in 8th for £1,120.

21:57: Thomas raises the Button to 50 grand. Nicol calls in the SB and James does in the BB. Flop AsKd5s. Nicol checks. James bets 40k against the flow and Thomas calls. Nicol retires. Heads up. Turn 5h. Check/Check. River 8s. Check/Check. James loses with 98 vs KT.

21:55: Nicol wins a wee pot BvB against Thomas.

21:54: Martin shoves again next hand with AT and is called by Thomas with AK. Looking bad until the River pairs the board for a chop! Someone said that Martin is "Tilting out his banger but getting lucky".

21:50: Martin ships for 168k from the SB with 85k, Gordon calls with K9. A Five on the River gives Martin a double up!

21:49: James makes it 48k, no callers.

21:47: Nicol opens and Neil shoves. No call.

21:42: Gordon opens for 52k, Thomas shoves all in. It's about 480k. Gordon in the tank. He calls! He has AQ. Thomas TT.  The board runs out safe and Thomas doubles up! Almost a 1 million chip pot.

21:40: Neil open-shoves all in. No action.

21:39: Thomas raises from the SB, Nicol calls. They check it to the River then Thomas bets 42k. Nicol folds.

21:38: Still lots of chat at the table about this alleged "tell" that Nicol has spotted on Thomas. Nicol isn't revealing what it is.

21:37: Back in action! Scott opens to 50k in the Hijack. No callers.

21:35: Mark Brown fancies James for the win:

21:27: Payout reminder:

1st £11,800                            
2nd £7,760                            
3rd £4,880                            
4th £3,320                            
5th £2,200                            
6th £1,640                            
7th £1,320                            
8th £1,120
9th £960 Marius Varanavicius
10th £840 John Hunter
11th £720 Chris Craig
12th £640 Paul Hendry
13th £640 Kyle Swan
14th £560 Roddy MacNeil
15th £560 Sam Wardlaw   
16th £520 John Stirling
17th £520 John Angus

21:26: Latest counts at the break:

1 James McAuley 600k
2 Steve Martin 225k
3 Scott Maxwell 370k
4 -
5 Neil Feenan 265k
6 Martin Gallagher 215k
7 Gordon Huntly 1,480k
8 Thomas Ward 480k
9 Nicol Kinnear 1,300k

21:23: 15 minute break.

19th July 2015 @ 21:59
TomAce all the way...
19th July 2015 @ 22:26
Go Thomas!
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