25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 18:33


19:13: Break coming up. Full chip counts will be forthcoming.

19:07: After a flurry of exits earlier play has slowed right down now with 11 left. No one wants to go out in 11th it seems.

19:04: 35k river bet from Martin G and with action on Chris Craig a Clock is called. TD John Manzie does the 1 minute countdown and Chris folds just a few seconds before he's timed out.

18:57: 25.5k from Neil, call from James on the Button and a ship all in from Marius in the BB for about 180k. Neil thinks for a long time but folds. James also folds. James said he had AJ, Neil says AT and Marius says AJ. Friendly table.....if they're telling the truth.

18:54: Break in 20 minutes. Full chip counts coming then.

18:52: 26k from Marius, called by James in the BB. Flop 6s5h4s. Check/Check. Another 5 on the Turn and James wins it with a bet.

18:48: James opens for 25k UTG this time, Thomas calls in position. Heads up. Flop Kh5h3c. James checks, Thomas bets 28.5k. James calls. Turn 9s. James checks, Thomas checks. River 7c. James checks, Thomas checks. AQ for Thomas is good vs AT.

18:46: James McAuley limps, Thomas Ward limps, Marius V shoves all in for 160k. Back to James and he folds. He says he "limped for a reason and that reason was that I had garbage in my hand". Thomas folds too. Pot to Marius.

18:44: Scott Maxwell opens for 25k in the cut-off, Gordon Huntly 3bets to 65k from the SB, Scott calls. Flop Ks9c5c. Gordon bets 102k, Scott mucks instantly.

18:43: John Hunter makes it 24k in the cut-off and James McAuley calls on the Button. Flop ThTd5s. Check/Check. Turn 5h. Check/Check. River 2c. Check/Check. Chop! AQ for James and A2 for John.

18:41: Nicol Kinnear opens to 25.5k but folds to Neil Feenan's 3bet to 65k. Neil says "good fold". James pipes in with "How can you say good fold when you don't show anything?".

18:39: There's a break after this level but we may might be at the FT before then if we lose another 2 players.

18:37: Gordon Huntly's chip-leading stack. Just under 1.2 million I think. We have 5 million chips in play total.

18:36: Reminder of the cashers so far and the remaining prizes:

1st £11,800                            
2nd £7,760                            
3rd £4,880                            
4th £3,320                            
5th £2,200                            
6th £1,640                            
7th £1,320                            
8th £1,120                            
9th £960                        
10th £840                    
11th £720                    
12th £640 Paul Hendry
13th £640 Kyle Swan
14th £560 Roddy MacNeil
15th £560 Sam Wardlaw   
16th £520 John Stirling
17th £520 John Angus

18:33: Gareth McNeill rooting for his pal to take this thing down:

19th July 2015 @ 19:12
The guvnor
Cmon MCCAULEY do it for us 2 Bob players cos we are not in the same league as the rest of these donuts
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