25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 17:47


18:32: 11 left. Final Table will start once we reach 9 players so 2 more to go!

18:28: Massive pot with Chip Leader Gordon Huntly taking out another large stack Paul Hendry! Loads of chips went in on the River when Gordon had a Full House vs Paul's Straight. That'll be Gordon over 1 million now. Paul Hendry 12th for £640.

18:27: James McAuley raises to 25k but folds when Marius V ships for about 160k.

18:20: Kyle Swan out in 13th for £640. Ah5h all in pre-flop was Thomas Ward's AJ and he couldn't get there. 12 left.

18:18: Gordon Huntly won a large pot with AA vs Paul Hendry's AK all in pre-flop just before I did those rough counts so Paul was the chip leader but just lost that title to Gordon now.

18:12: The final 13 with approximate chip counts:

Table 1
Thomas Ward 620k
Marius Varanavicius 160k
Nicol Kinnear 450k
Neil Feenan 330k
John Hunter 350k
James McAuley 439k
Kyle Swan 100k

Table 2
Paul Hendry 370k
Scott Maxwell 220k
Martin Gallagher 350k
Gordon Huntly 750k
Chris Craig 300k
Steve Martin 190k

18:10: Kyle Swan (AQ) doubles up John Hunter (KK) all in pre-flop. Kyle looks to be down to about 100-110k.

18:09: Paul Hendry's big stack at the other table. The Black 25k chips are the biggest ones in play. Pinks are 5k. Yellows 1k. Greens 500.

18:04: Thomas Ward's pretty stack:

18:02: Scott Maxwell opens to 25k again and gets 3bet to 55k by Martin Gallagher in position this time. He calls. Flop 7s6h2h. Scott checks, Martin bets 85k. Martin has about 180k behind, Scott about 260k. Scott dwells on it for a minute but goes for the pass.

18:00: Scott Maxwell opens to 25k in the cut-off but folds when Chris Craig 3bets to 70k from the BB.

17:56: Rapid fire action here with 13 left. Neil Feenen just doubled up with AK vs AT (John Hunter). Neil started with 182k before the hand. John looks like he has 160k left afterwards.

17:53: Roddy MacNeil out in 14th for £560. KJ vs 77 all-in pre-flop vs Gordon Huntly which didn't go the right way for him.

17:52: The last 14:

Table 1
Thomas Ward
Marius Varanavicius
Nicol Kinnear
Neil Feenan
John Hunter
James McAuley
Kyle Swan

Table 2
Paul Hendry
Scott Maxwell
Martin Gallagher
Gordon Huntly
Chris Craig
Roddy MacNeil
Steve Martin

17:50: Sam Wardlaw out in 15th for £560.

17:49: Stuart Wilson rooting for the Aberdeen 2:

17:48: Level 18 under way. 15 left here. The final table will be 9-handed.

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