25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 16:48


17:45: The popular John Stirling is out in 16th for £520. All in on the all Diamond flop with Kd Draw vs Thomas Ward's Flopped Flush with Td9d.

17:40: Chris Craig opens to 22k in mid-position, Roddy MacNeil 3bets to 45k, Craig calls. Flop Qs8h7d. Chris checks, Roddy bets 40k. Chris calls it. Turn Ah. Chris checks, Roddy checks. River 5d. Chris checks and Roddy checks it back. Roddy has AJ for Top Pair but Chris has 88 for a Set of 8s. He takes it down. Careful play all around.

17:35: The final 16:

Table 1
Thomas Ward
Marius Varanavicius
John Stirling
Nicol Kinnear
Sam Wardlaw
Neil Feenan
John Hunter
James McAuley

Table 2
Kyle Swan
Paul Hendry
Scott Maxwell
Martin Gallagher
Gordon Huntly
Chris Craig
Roddy MacNeil
Steve Martin

17:29: John Angus quickly out next in 17th for £520!

17:28: The last 17 players are in the money now! £520 secured.

1st £11,800                            
2nd £7,760                            
3rd £4,880                            
4th £3,320                            
5th £2,200                            
6th £1,640                            
7th £1,320                            
8th £1,120                            
9th £960                        
10th £840                    
11th £720                    
12th £640                    
13th £640                    
14th £560                    
15th £560                        
16th £520                        
17th £520    

17:26: Nice fast bubble! Gordon Hannay all in with AK vs Paul Hendry's AQ but the flop comes down AQx and with no help for Gordon on the back door he ends up out bubble boy, in 18th :-(

17:16: Local cash game regular, Rab Welsh, has arrived to see how his mates are getting on. His pick is for a heads up between "The 2 Js", John Stirling and James McAuley. Won't be a quiet heads up if that does happen that's for sure!

17:10: First exit after the break is David Carson! He shoved all in with KT and was called by John Stirling with AQ. John held and David is out in 19th place. We are breaking to 2 tables of 9 now and playing Hand for Hand on the Bubble.

17:01: Dealer photo at the break:

16:59: Full approximate chip counts with 19 left. 17 get paid! Will go to Hand for Hand once we lose 1 more player.

16:49: Break time. Here's the latest tournament clock and info:

19th July 2015 @ 16:51
James brown
Is David Carson still in? Stack if so?
19th July 2015 @ 17:02
Yep, short with 85k though.
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