25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 16 (4000/8000/800)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 16:02


16:47: Another one bites the dust! Allan Millar gone. Looks like 19 left. Must have missed one. Chip counts coming soon. Break time now.

16:43: Liam Spence out. All in pre-flop with A7 vs Marius V's 88 and didn't get there. 21 now.

16:42: Number 1 Blog Fan Dennis Shaw is rooting for an all Edinburgh heads up:

16:41: Chip leader at the start of Day 2, Tony Gray, has just been knocked out. Down to 22. Break in 4 mins.

16:38: Pics of the last 3 tables:

16:36: James Irvine out! All in pre-flop with A6 vs Gordon Huntly's QJ. Bit trouble on the Fop as it comes QQJ though! Another Q on the Turn he James is walking. 23 left. Break in 10 mins.

16:31: Liam Spence open shoves with 66 and James McAuley finds AK in the BB and calls. James hits both an Ace and a King and doubles up. James started the hand with 82k, Liam now down to about 40k.

16:29: Break coming up in 17 minutes. 24 players left here.

16:28: Marius V raises from the SB and John Stirling ships all in from the BB. Marius tank/folds showing AdJd. John shows AQ. While Marius was tanking James McAuley complimented John on his poker face.

16:17: Michael Collumb out in 26th.

16:16: Approximate chip counts for all of the last 25 players:

16:09: Janice McLean all in pre-flop with 44 vs Gordon Huntly's JJ. No help and Janice is out. Down to 26. Still a good bit away from the money. 17 paid.

16:08: Stephen Irvine out a little earlier.

16:05: Neil Feenan and Steve Martin also have decent stacks. A little over 400k for Neil I think. Steve maybe 200k.

16:04: Nicol Kennear doing well too. Looks like around 400k.

16:02: Thomas Ward doing well. Blacks are 25k, Pinks 5k, Yellows 1k, Greens 500, Grey 100. Looks like over 400k.

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