25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 15:17


15:56: Todd Cairns no longer has any chips or a dream; he's out.

15:54: Fair Tale over for Ryan Hutchins. He goes down with AK vs QQ.

15:51: Todd Cairns down to "28k and a dream" he says at the moment. He lost a race with 44 vs A9 for most of his chips a few minutes ago.

15:48: Ryan Hutchins has run his 1.1k up to about 65k so far. Fairy Tale ending perhaps?

15:47: On another table Tony Gray looks to be down to about 250k after being the leader with 470k at the last break.

15:46: Martin Gallagher looks to have well over 500k now:

15:43: Todd Cairns (AQ) all in against Allan Millar (AK) pre-flop. Todd "moaned it in" and got a chop on the river though.

15:40: Chris Ferguson out.

15:39: Had a request for a John Angus update. He's on 49k but he has plenty of experience in playing the short stack, that's for sure.

15:37: 28 remain. One more exit and we'll go to 3 tables.

15:35: A lot of support for The Guvnor today:

15:34: Ryan wins another one! He's up to about 20k now. All from that 1.1k.

15:32: Ryan all in next hand and wins it with a Set of 2s!

15:30: Gordon Huntly opens for 15k, Roddy MacNeil shoves for 75k then Ryan Hutchins re-shoves for just 1.1k more. Gordon gets out of the way and it's Roddy's TT vs Ryan's QhJh. Roddy holds and Ryan is down to his last 1.1k.

15:28: Todd Cairns has won a last longer bet with 7 of his mates. £20 a head.

15:26: James McAuley tells John Stirling he's going to bubble today.

15:23: Neil Feenan opens to 15k then Michael Collumb 3bets to 50k from the BB (with about 65k behind). Neil ships immediately with Michael well covered. Michael thinks for 30 seconds then folds. John Stirling says "Well played" to Neil and he replies with "Thanks, that means a lot coming from you".

15:17: Blinds up. 29 players remain. Should see a good few depart in this level now that the big blind is 6k. Not in the money till 17th.

19th July 2015 @ 15:38
Dennis shaw
Not heard much of john Angus is he still hanging on
19th July 2015 @ 15:41
Stuck a wee picture and update on the blog for him. 49k.
19th July 2015 @ 16:02
Any chance for chip counts of bigger stacks?
19th July 2015 @ 16:17
Stuck them on the latest post.
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