25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 14:17


15:14: Joe Cox sending his support to Todd Cairns:

15:12: James McAuley called me over to request that John Stirling's bluff raise on the River vs Neil Feenan be included in the blog. Didn't get all the details but James was well impressed.

15:11: Gavin McGuire out.

15:10: Ryan Hutchins looking sharp with matching headphones and shades:

15:09: Tweets with #2525glasgow and blog comments welcome. I get lonley when no one talks to me.

15:06: Some other exits from earlier include Tracey MacEachen, Andrew Sheard, Steven Smith, Thomas Naylor, Adam Jackson and Kenny Burke.

15:05: Makka all in with his 800 chips with Q9 vs AK. He doesn't get there this time and he's reporting to the rail.

15:04: GK Kamal out.

15:03: Makka wins with 82o and is now up to 800 chips!

15:00: Steve Martin (QQ) and Makka (AK) get it all in pre-flop for everyone's favourite race. The flop comes King High and Steve starts to walk away but.......... Queen on the Turn to save the day. He doubles up his 132k stack. Amazingly, Makka is left with a single 100 chip! He's all in now...

13:59: Makka Hussain has moved to Table 1 and raises. It's James McAuley's big blind and he ships all in. Makka folds. James stands up, points a finger at Makka and says "Don't you ever do that again".

13:55: Chris Ferguson open-shoves JT from the Button for 61k. He gets a calls from Marius Varanavicius with AQ. Nae bother for Chris though as he flops a Full House and rivers Quads to rub it in.

14:51: Looks like we are down to 36 players over 4 tables now.

14:49: Fan favourite Maj Iqbal out. He shipped all in with KQ over the top of Neil Feenan's 9k open with 9c8c but Neil called and got there. Maj hit a Queen but Neil Rivered a Flush for the suckout. Maj gets it in ahead again.

14:46: BvB, Scott Maxwell raises to 9.4k from the SB into Alan Millar's BB. He calls. Flop JcJd9h. Scott bets 10.1k, Alan raises to 21k. Scot snap-folds, Alan shows a Jack.

14:44: Ryan Hutchins open-shoves in the Hijack for about 80k. No callers. He shows AsQs.

14:41: Maj down to 40k on Table 1 but he has some garlic bread and an Irn Bru so it can't be all that bad.

14:40: Limp on the Button from Ryan Hutchins, Gordon Huntly and Chris Craig come along from the blinds. Flop AcAsKd. Checked to Ryan and he bets 5.5k. Wins it.

14:38: Kyle Swan makes it 10k in the cut-off, Gordon Huntly calls from the BB. Flop Jh6s5s. Gordon checks, Kyle bets 15k. Gordon gives it up.

14:37: Chris Craig opens to 9k this time. No action.

14:35: On Table 2, Roddy MacNeil opens to 9k in mid-position, Scott Maxwell 3bets to 21.3k and no call from Roddy.

14:31: James McAuley just has just swapped his chair with a spare one to try to change his luck. Players are back from the break and back in action.

14:25: Some of the biggest stacks at the break. Tony Gray well in front. We have 38 left, average stack is 132k and there are exactly 5 million chips in play in total.

Tony Gray 470k
Paul Hendry 270k
Nicol Kinnear 265k
Gordon Hannay 250k
Neil Feenan 230k
Todd Carins 220k
Thomas Ward 193k
John "The Guvnor" Stirling 185k
Michael Collumb 185k
Marius Varanavicius 172k
Scott Maxwell 160k
Steve Martin 160k
Neil Irvine 160k
Martin Gallagher 142k
Chris Craig 131k
Janice McLean 130k

14:18: 15 minute break. 39 left. Chip counts coming soon.

19th July 2015 @ 14:38
James brown
Take it down govner
19th July 2015 @ 14:40
Passed it on to him. He smiled.
19th July 2015 @ 15:12
John McDermott.
G.L to all the merchant regulars.especially the guv.its about time you bought the dinners.
19th July 2015 @ 15:14
The Guvnor says "Don't interrupt me when I'm on a roll".
19th July 2015 @ 15:45
Stuart White
Keep it going John Angus and Neil Feenan!
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