25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th July 2015 @ 12:44


13:21: New players on Table 1 next to me blogging desk include John "The Guvnor" Stirling and Maj Iqbal.

13:17: Here's a note of all the eliminations so far. Dennis Kennedy also just joined the list of the fallen. We've also lost the famous anonymous player that was tearing it up last night in Flight C.

13:11: Action! Elaine Dorrian all in for about 34k, Steve Martin re-shoves for lots more. James McAuley in the BB calls me over before he looks at his hand and says he's going to wake up with a monster. Incredibly, he looks and finds Aces and puts his 54k in the middle. Elaine has KK, Steve JJ and James AA. An Ace on the board leaves the other 2 drawing dead on the Turn. James declares "There's your dinner" and drags in the nice pot. Elaine eliminated but Steve still has plenty, about 100k.

13:09: Donna McGraw out. Didn't see all the action but Paul Hendry bet enough to put her all in on the River with KK in the hole and she called but couldn't beat his Full House.

13:08: More chips for Neil Feenan (99) as he eliminates Chris Johnston (A8) all in pre-flop.

13:02: Jacks no good on 2 different tables at the same time there. Liam Spence getting there with 33 vs them and Thomas Naylor getting there with 66. Both players doubled up.

12:59: Things looking up for Team Edinburgh as Neil Feenan gets a wee bit lucky with JJ vs John Durkin's AA all in pre-flop. John had about 52k and Neil had him covered. It wasn't looking good but a shiny Jack on the River did the damage.

12:58: Thomas Ward is also on Table 3. Looks like he has about 180k.

12:56: On Table 3, Maj Iqbal (with his head down) opens and GK Kamal calls in the BB. Flop AdKh7d and GK folds to a 4.5k bet from Maj.

12:54: Jonathan McRitchie out.

12:49: Kyle Swan (right) takes out Finley Hall (left) with AT vs KQ all in pre-flop on Table 2:

12:46: Elaine Dorrian ships for 29k and gets it through. She says "I need a double up" then "You know what I've got anyway", showing the Ace of Clubs.

12:44: We are now into the second level of the day. We've lost 6 players so far so down to 54.

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