25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight C - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 21:58


22:43: Nice double up for Maj Iqbal vs James McAuley. James opened to 2.5k pre-flop and called a 3bet from Maj to 7k. Flop Ad8h7d and James checks. Maj bets 7k again. James calls. Turn Js. James checks and Maj shoves all in (it's 25k). James calls instantly and shows Ah9h. Maj has that in bad shape with AK though. The River comes 6c and Maj takes down the decent pot.

22:37: Nad Abbas out. He had over 100k at the last break but didn't see how he got down to 0.

22:35: "Scots Pro All In Blind" limps for 1,200 and Ben Caird shoves all in for about 15k with AhQh. He gets a call and is against J9o. A Nine on the Flop and no change on the Turn and River mean Ben's on his way back to Edinburgh. Another victim for the anonymous player although it looks like he's slipped quite a bit from his 200k peak.

22:34: Jonny Lynas out. His KJo all in pre-flop couldn't hold vs Martin Gallagher's Ts9s.

22:27: Didn't catch all the action but wandered by on the River to see Tommy Noble get a call with Trips Tens (Ts6s) vs KK. Board was ATx-x-T.

22:26: Paul Green is trying out a new look...

22:25: James Gray Jnr is enjoying Rounders while be plays...

22:15: William Dimmer out.

22:12: Nicol Kinnear opens for 2.5k, Stephen Irvine ships all in for 16k, Neil Feenan re-ships for about 32k. Nicol folds. It's Stephen's KdTd vs Neil's QQ. The Flop looks safe for Neil, the Turn brings a second Diamond and Boom, the River is another Diamond for Stephen's Flush for him to double.

22:02: Down to 33 players. So far from the first 2 flights 36 had qualified for Day 2. We should lose quite a lot of players in the last couple of levels.

22:01: Only one of John "The Guvnor" Stirling's picks left and it's Maj. He has a bit less than 60k.

22:00: The biggest stacks at the break:

The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" 165k
Nad Abbas 107k
James McAuley 90k
Paul Hendry 87k

18th July 2015 @ 22:17
elaine and chris
dont let drunk people touch your equipment martin it could lead to an expensive law suit lol but ludo should think about wrting fiction as his story telling is as good as his poker career xxxx
18th July 2015 @ 23:23
See you guys 12pm tomorrow!
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