25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight C - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 21:11


21:55: Break time.

21:53: Ludo may or may not have had a few drinks. He just came over and typed up this hand for the blog. The only problem is that the hand is competely fictional and did not happen!

"So Super Maj the Fish raises with T2 off and Stevie Boy makes it all in with 74 off. Maj makes the hero call and it runs out 73J, Ace on the Turn. Maj asks for the justice river and he gets the justice river with the ten ball and all justice is served and Maj wins this fishy hand. Well done Maj and gl."

21:45: Steven Kane out.

21:44: Down to 34/69 players. Break in 5 mins.

21:43: Here's Tommy Noble. Looks like he has about 60k.

21:42: Michael Kane out. His JJ no good vs Andy MacKenzie's AQ.

21:35: A punter by the name of Ludo has just wandered into the poker room. He hasn't played the 25/25 this weekend although he did win the last one here in Glasgow in January.

21:23: Down on Table 5 Maj Iqbal opens for 2.5k, called by Nicol Kinnear and Kenny Burke then the anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" 3bets to 12k. Back to Maj and he says "Maximum" and shoves all in for 71k total. Nicol folds and but Kenny throws in his last 10.5k total. Now on "Scots Pro All In Blind" and he folds after thinking it over for a minute. Maj has AdKd and is up against Kenny's 87o. The Flop brings a Seven to give Kenny the lead and, even though Maj picks up Straight & Flush Draws on the Turn to go with his over cards he bricks out. Maj wasn't best pleased.

21:13: Paul Hendry opens to 2.6k, called by Steven Kane in position and Andy MacKenzie in the BB. Flop AsQc6d and Paul contines for 3.6k. Steven folds but Andy calls. Turn 3h. Paul leads again, this time for 5.4k. No call from Andy though.

21:12: Into Level 8. The last 15 minute break comes after this level then we play 2 more levels. 10 levels total and we'll be done about 11.30pm.

18th July 2015 @ 22:07
Dennis Shaw
Blog is brilliant as per usual totally riveting read, it's just like being on the rail. Keep up the good work.
18th July 2015 @ 23:24
Thanks Dennis. Number 1 fan.
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