25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight C - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 19:32


20:24: On Table 2 Steven Kane gets his last 15k all in on the As9d2h Flop with 52o (Bottom Pair) vs Neil Feenan's AK (Top Pair). He asks for a Five....and immediately gets one on the Turn then another on the River! He doubles up.

20:15: Big hand on Table 1. I just arrived in the Turn to see Mario Fionda shoving all in for 40k over the top of a 10k bet from the anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind". The board is 6d2d2c-5c. "Scots Pro All In Blind" tanks for a minute then makes the call. He has AhTs for Ace High! Mario tables Kc3c for a Flush Draw & Gutshot but King High at the moment. The River comes 5d and the Ace High holds. "Scots Pro All In Blind" is now up to about 180k and Mario is out.

20:10: We are down to 47 from 69 tonight. Break in 4 minutes then we play 4 more levels with another break after Level 8.

20:09: Thomas Ward's card protector:

20:06: James Gray Jnr re-entered earlier. Here he is sitting on about 30k now.

20:02: Double up for Gordon Huntly with AA vs Dennis Kennedy's 55 all in pre-flop. Not to worry though as Gordon says it's just a "Small in" for 7.5k.

20:01: We have 5 players on the £1/2 NL cash game list and about so start to come on down if you fancy a dash.

20:00: On Table 5 there's a 1.5k open, call then James McAuley ships all in for what looks like 80k from the BB. Both opponents fold. He says that's what happens when people try to steal his big blind!

19:54: Bit of a drink spillage on Table 1 and it will be breaking up next:

19:50: Comments on the blog itself also welcome. If you are rooting for anyone in particular and would like an update or picture of them just comment bellow and I'll see what I can do.

19:49: No tweets for ages. If you are following at home or playing today please tweet something with #2525glasgow. Cheers.

19:48: Tommy Noble raises with Michael in the SB and Mario in the BB. Mario asks him "Are you brave enough to steal the blinds off the Chuckle Brothers?".

19:45: The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" is now up to about 140k. Full chip counts coming at the end of this level in 30 mins or so.

19:43: Michael Kane and Mario Fionda are getting their heads down and taking this game seriously:

19:37: Here's an update on John Stirling's 2 remaining picks to do well today:

Maj Iqbal on about 38k

James Rice about 50k

19:35: Starting Level 6. Another 15 minute break at the end of this one. We're playing 10 levels total today which will see us finish around 11.30pm. Back nice and early at 12pm tomorrow for Day 2. 36 have made it through so far. Should be another 20 or so tonight.

18th July 2015 @ 19:58
Todd Cairns
Tell Tommy Noble I'll be devastated if he doesn't join me tomorrow and he better start playing some hands. #nit#rock#tight
18th July 2015 @ 19:58
18th July 2015 @ 20:08
Todd, Tommy says he hopes to see you soon too. He's hoping to "Run like Todd". Has a little under 30k at the moment so does need to get the chips to work.
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