25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight C - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 18:53


19:28: Bit of carnage on Table 2 with Steven Kane seemingly calling an 8k all in from Conghai Wang by mistake then Andy MacKenzie moving all in himself for another 7k on top of that. Steven didn't seem keen but put in the extra chips with his 98o. Andy showed KQ and Conghai AK. Conghai held and doubled up with the main pot and Andy's King High was good enough for him to take the side and break about even.

19:14: On Table 2 John Durkin opens to 1k, called by Paul Hendry in position and Nick Crozer in the BB. Flop 7c8s9s. Nick checks, John checks and Paul fires 1.7k. Nick calls and John folds. Turn 9c. Nick now ships it in Paul's face for 7.4k. Paul has no hesitation in calling as he tables JT for the Flopped Straight. Nick has A6 for just an Open Ended Straight Draw on the low end and is drawing dead!

19:14: Keith Fraser and John Jo McCauley (one of the Guvnor's picks) both out now. Here's John Jo a little earlier:

19:00: Final count confirmed as 69 players and 200 overall. Prize pool £40,000 and here are the prizes:

1st £11,800                            
2nd £7,760                            
3rd £4,880                            
4th £3,320                            
5th £2,200                            
6th £1,640                            
7th £1,320                            
8th £1,120                            
9th £960                        
10th £840                    
11th £720                    
12th £640                    
13th £640                    
14th £560                    
15th £560                        
16th £520                        
17th £520                      

18:55: Starting Level 5 now.

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