25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 17:34


18:00: Break time! 58/64 left. Still time to enter but only 15 more minutes of the break.

17:58: Michael's got a nice moustache now to go with his specs. Looking good.

17:53: Michael Kane tries an open to 500 but Paul Hendry ships all in for about 8k, Keith Fraser also ships for a little less and "Scots Pro All In Blind" calls. That's enough of a message for Michael and he folds. We're off the the races with AhTh (Paul), TT (Keith) and 42o ("Scots Pro All In Blind"). Keith wins the main pot with a Rivered Set and Paul wins the small side pot with Top Pair.

17:43: Keith Fraser (left in the red) opens to 600 and the anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" (right in the grey) calls in position. Heads up to the Jd2s2h Flop and Keith bets 700. "Scots Pro All In Blind" calls. Turn 5s and Keith shoves all in for about 5.3k. "Scots Pro All In Blind" thinks it over but decides to let him have it.

17:42: Back on Table 1, Paul Hendry opens to 400, Keith Fraser calls and the anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" 3btes to 1k in position. Both opponents call. They both check the Flop and "Scots Pro All In Blind" takes it down with a 2k bet.

17:36: Up to 62 players now. Prize pool at £38,600. 22 minutes plus the 15 minute left to enter. That's 6.15pm at the latest.

17:34: Robert Griffiths out but now re-entered.

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