25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight C - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 16:50


17:30: Some player pics...

Michael Kane

Jonny Lynas

Keith Fraser

Neil Feenan

John Angus

Dennis Kennedy

17:23: The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" takes out Mark Eadie! KK vs TT all in pre-flop. Mark had about 15k and that was well covered.

17:13: Neil Feenan and Paul Green just arrived from Edinburgh and jumped in the game. Up to 58.

17:12: The latest seating arrangements:

17:08: We are now at 56 entries today, 187 overall and a £37,400 prize pool.

17:05: Some recent entrants include Michael "Eddie" Kane, Jonny Lynas, Mario Fionda and Maj Iqbal. Maj played Thursday and Friday so he'll certainly be hoping to make Day 2 from his 3rd attempt today.

17:01: The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" still doing well on Table 1. He raises to 300 pre-flop on the Button with AQ and is called by Martin Campbell in the SB with A8. Heads up to the Flop Ks9c6s and both check. Turn 2h. Martin checks again and "Scots Pro All In Blind" bets 300. It's called and the River is 2c. Martin checks and "Scots Pro All In Blind" bets 300 again. Martin doesn't look happy but reluctantly calls his Ace High but "Scots Pro All In Blind" takes it down with a better Ace High!

16:55: 25/25 regular Andriy Myro from Aberdeen can't make it this weekend but he's already preparing for the next leg:

16:52: Scottish Poker's Royal Family (The Grays) sending good luck messages to their real son (James Jnr) and adopted son (Tommy Noble). Their other adoped son, Chris Wilson, played last night but didn't make it through unfortuntely.

16:50: Into Level 2 now.

18th July 2015 @ 17:10
No.1 Scottishpoker.net Blog Fan
Let us know how the wonderful blogger is getting on, please. Did he get enough sleep last night? Was breakfast fulfilling this morning? Is he looking forward to a long night ahead bringing us all the latest news of Scotland's finest poker players? Keep up the good work, and please think long and hard about your stance on the Monty Hall Problem; any poker enthusiast who believes they have more chance of 'finding the prize' by swapping needs a new hobby :) #itsaflip
18th July 2015 @ 17:18
Cheers. Plenty of sleep and had a mixed grill for breakfast. Looking forward to another night of blogging following by some great Day 2 action tomorrow. And yes, you are right about the flip.
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