25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 0:54


01:48: Brian Taylor is out. We are down to 26 players now. Average Stack 74k. 43 minutes remain.

01:35: Some discussion on one of the tables about Deal or No Deal. No, they're not chatting about a Dundee poker tournament, they're talking about the TV programme. The discussion is about the last decision to swap boxes or not once you are down to 2 left and if it's 50/50 so completely random or if it's actually always better to swap.

01:29: Maj Iqbal and Gerard "Tyson" Lauchlan both out! Maj had JJ vs Tony Grays AK but couldn't hold.

01:07: Here are the top (very approximate) stacks with 32/77 left:

Tony Gray 170k
Andrew Hedley 115k
Scot Maxwell 103k
Michael Collumb 100k
Chris Ferguson 80k
John Hunter 80k
David Gillies 80k
Chris Craig 75k
Chris Johnston 70k

00:57: Players on the last 15 minute break of the day.

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