25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 0:16


00:55: Break time!

00:52: Kyle Sutherland still doing well. Average Stack is 60,200 at the moment.

00:42: Monster Pot for Tony Gray as he takes out 2 people in the same hand! I just arrived on the Turn where where Robert Franks had bet 15k, Tony Gray had made it 45k and Derek Boyce shoved all in (I think he had less than 45k). Robert then goes all in too and Tony calls. It's Tony's 44 (Set) vs Robert's 56 (2 Pair) and Derek's AsQs (Top Pair & Flush Draw). River 3c. Tony should be the new chip leader after that.

00:37: Daryl Benton shoves all in UTG for about 12k with AK. Tony Gray is the only caller with QQ. A nice King High flop for Daryl but nae bother for Tony as he finds a Queen on the River to send Daryl to the rail. Tony looks like he's up to about 100k now.

00:32: Martin Hammond just exited.

00:30: Last break of the day in 25 minutes then 2 more levels before we bag up.

00:26: Here are the remaining players:

00:23: Colin Telfer out. We are down to 38 players now from the 77 that started. Average Stack 50,700. Last night the chip leader had 159k. Based on other 25/25 events that's quite low for one of these games so I expect by the end of tonight or tomorrow someone will make it past 200k.

00:17: Dennis will be pleased to head that Craig Smith just doubled up with AK vs a weaker Ace.

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