25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 1:49


02:51: Here are the Flight B final counts. 21 players made it.

Tony Gray 258,400
Kyle Sutherland 176,200
Michael Collumb 166,400
Andrew Hedley 165,600
Scott Maxwell 139,800
Chris Johnston 105,300
John Hunter 95,400
Steve Martin 92,000
David Gillies 85,700
Chris Craig 74,900
Marius V 70,500
Ryan Hutchins 70,100
David Carson 69,500
Kyle Swan 63,600
Liam Spence 55.900
Thomas Naylor 54,000
Chris Ferguson 50,500
Steven Smith 48,300
Allan Millar 44,800
Elaine Dorrian 30,100
Alan Findlay 14,800

02:36: It's all over for Flight B. Chip counts coming soon. See you tomorrow at 4pm. Late registration 6.15pm.

02:25: Playing 4 more hands here. Late exit for Robert Mathieson. 21 left. Last night 15 made it through.

02:22: Some pics with 22 left:

02:10: Neil Rankin's grind is over. He's out.

02:09: 20 minutes to go!

02:02: Chris Ferguson's turn to try on the magic specs:

02:01: Tom Pearn out. 23 left.

01:57: Nice pot for Ryan Hutchins. He limped for 1.6k UTG, Tony Gray then raised to 3.5k. This was called by Robert Mathieson in position plus John Hunter from the BB and Ryan. Flop Qs3s3h. John checks, Ryan checks, Tony fires 10k, Robert calls, John folds then Ryan shoves all in for 29.3k total. Tony gets away from it by Robert calls. He has Qd5d and is in bad shape against Ryan's 7d3d and doesn't find the miracle.

01:51: Last level of the night.

18th July 2015 @ 2:40
Pat nevin
Loving the 73dd limp utg looool. Clown
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