25/25 Glasgow IV - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th July 2015 @ 23:54


12:43: Another recent elimination is Dean Hutchison.

12:41: Double up for James McAuley with AA vs Chris Johnston's QJ. They got it all in on the KT3 Flop and James held. He had about 30k before the hand started.

12:38: On Table 1, Edinburgh's other hopeful, Neil Feenan, opens to 4.2k. Willie Cheung in the BB calls. Flop Js6h3d. Willie checks, Neil bets 6.5k. Willie says "Nah" and folds, showing AQ. Neil shows a Jack for Top Pair.

12:37: Conghai Wang out from Table 2.

12:34: Team Edinburgh in big trouble! Tommy Noble, James Gray Jnr and Andy MacKenzie all out in the last 10 minutes.

12:32: Double up for Jonathan McRitchie with AK vs Andy MacKenzie's KQ. Not sure when the money went in but Andy hit a Queen to take the lead but Jonathan spiked a Gutshot Straight on River for the win.

12:28: The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro Is All In Blind" is down to about 100k on Table 5. Quite a tough-looking table with Todd Cairns, Adam Jackson, Marius Varanavicius, Tracey MacEachen, Gavin McGuire, Makka Hussain and Sam Wardlaw.

12:20: On Table 1, Willie Cheung limps in for 2k UTG, Chris Johnston joins him, as do James McAuley and John Durkin in position and Elaine Dorrian and Stephen Irvine in the blinds. 6-way to the Flop which arrives as Jh3d2h. Everyone checks to James who bets 4.5k. Only 1 caller and it's Stephen. Turn Qc. Stephen checks and James bets 6.5k. Now Stephen (pictured below) immediately declares "All in" and shoves his 32k stack in. James thinks it over but elects to fold, showing a Jack in the process. Stephen shows nothing.

12:17: Ian Swan out. All in pre-flop with 99 vs TT. He hit a Nine first but then a Ten came to take him out.

12:16: Tony Gray was the chip leader to start the day with about 260k. Probably still is.

12:15: Todd Cairns is trying out the lucky specs:

12:06: First casualty! Shortest stack Alan Findlay gets his 14k in with 42o and is called by 96o. No help for Alan as a Six hits to send him home early.

12:05: Next hand Stephen Irvine ships all in and gets a call from Chris Johnston. Nothing to see here as both have AK and chop it up.

12:04: First hand on Table 1, Chris Ferguson opens to 4k, called by Steve Martin on the Button then John Durkin ships all in from the BB for his 41,600 stack. Chris tanks for a bit but folds as does Steve.

12:01: Cards are in the air!n A few players MIA. Probably still sleeping.

11:59: Fighting talk from Kyle Sutherland:

11:56: Here is the seating by table:

11:54: 6 minutes to go!

11:47: A 12pm start for a poker player is like a 7am start for a nomal person. We have a nice queue forming to order breakfast at the moment...

11:38: Good morning everyone! Who from the last 60 do you think will be the eventual champion today? Comment below with your picks and I'll share them in about 12+ hours once we know. Please tweet away using #2525glasgow too.

23:55: Day 2 starts 12pm. Here is the table draw. There is the odd duplicate player due to a software error that we can't do anything about but don't panic, any duplicates have the same stack and seating allocation so they can just be ignored. A total of 60 players out of 200 are returning, not the 65 it says on the screen.

19th July 2015 @ 15:33
John mcdermott
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