25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 22:36


23:20: Break time! 4 more levels to play tonight. We'll be done about 2.30am.

23:17: A short stack of about 8k all in with A7 vs Maj Iqbal's 77 pre-flop. The Ace comes. Maj tells the dealer he's starting to dislike him.

23:16: Kyle Sutherland on a good run so far:

23:14: Craig Smith's aquired the lucky orange specs now!

23:02: Tyson was walking past and told me he had an important update for the blog: "Tony Gray folded a hand pre-flop".

23:01: Break in 20 minutes. Will get the top stacks then.

22:58: I've been looking at where each of the 14 25/25 Scotland winners so far hail from. Here's what I've come up with:

Makka Hussain
Paul McTaggart
Ludo Geilich
Colin Gillon

Marc Leishman
Dany Coll
Michael Crawford

Boaby Jardine
Alex Ferguson

Craig Smith

Robert Franks

Dean Lyall

Ewan Brown

Andy White

22:57: Ewan Brown out...

22:55: Aldred De Marco on Table 3 sporting some rather stylish sunglasses. They were thrown in pre-flop and the winner of the pot has to wear them for half an hour! He took it down.

22:41: Sounds like Chris Craig (pictured) has been winning pots with Ace High, picking off bluffs at Table 3. He's up to about 100k now. He has a decent record in the last year or so.

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