25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 22:02


22:27: Tony Gray doubles Gerard "Tyson" Lauchlan up. Tyson ships all in for 16k on the Turn and Tony says "I need a Heart". Board is Tc6h3h-Ad. Tony makes the call. Tyson turns over AhQh leaving Tony's 8h5h drawing dead!

22:21: Mark Eadie also out. He sent his chips over the Marius V with QQ vs AA.

22:20: Dean Lyall and Paddy Doonan out.

22:08: Stuart Wilson sends his love from Aberdeen:

22:06: Before that last hand Steven Turner doubled up through Ryan Barnes with a Full House.

22:03: Sounds like Ryan "Baby Teeth" Barnes is out. Players at the table saying he lost with A9 vs KK vs AA. It was the KK that got there and won the pot. Think it was John Hunter with KK and Aldred De Marco with AA.

22:02: Bruce Buffer is playing in the £1/2 NL cash game!

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