25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 21:13


21:50: I checked in on Table 7 to see how the 3 pals from Greenock were getting on. Colin Telfer (pictured) says he's happy they got seated together "because they're easy chips", referring to Neil Rankin and Gus Watt.

21:48: Jim McLean was playing earlier but he's now out. We are down to 61 from 76 starters tonight.

21:47: Also at Table 6 is Rob Franks who took down the last Dundee 25/25 leg for £10,030. He shoved all in in this picture but no callers and he took down the pot.

21:45: Table 6 has Maj Iqbal, Tony Gray and Gerard "Tyson" Lauchlan seated next to each other. Tyson said he got "Tony Gray'd" earlier with 92o. That could explain how Tony was up to 74k at the last break.

21:31: £1/2 NL cash game just starting now in the Merchant City Poker Room. Looks 5 handed already. £100 minimum buy-in, No maximum. Come on down for some action!

21:25: The Dream Team at the poker desk. We've closed up Flight B with 76 entries giving us 131 overall and a prize pool of £26,200. We also have cash games available 24 hours here at Merchant City Casino. £1/2, £1/3, £2/5 NL or even some PLO; whatever you fancy.

21:21: Martin Hammond (right) and Chris Johnston (left) were involved in a hand that ran 5 minutes into the break. Most of that was taken up by Martin thinking over Johnston's 5,025 River Bet. The board was 4s5c6c-Jh-4c. Martin eventually folded and Chris let him see 2c3c for the Straight Flush!

1:16: An update from Ewan Brown (@antmanb) and a pick for the winner from Dennis Shaw:

21:15: Top stacks at the break:

David Gillies 77k
Tony Gray 74k
Colin Telfer 65k
Simonas Griauzde 60k
Daryl Benton 57k
Michael Collumb 53k
Selim Ogan 48k
Marius Varanavicius 47k
John Trayner 41k
Kieran Woods 38k
Scott Maxwell 38k
Martin Hammond 37k
Alfred De Marco 38k
Kyle Sutherland 35k
Tom Pearn 35k
Craig Smith 33k
Elaine Dorrian 33k
Paul Hendry 32k
Finley Hall 32k
Alen Wilkie 31k

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