25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 20:25


20:05: Break time.

21:04: Double elimination at the other end of the room and I'm just in time to catch Alex Ferguson doing the Walk of Shame as one of 2 knocked out. Looks like a 3-way all in with David Gillies' AK holding against A4 and Q9. Not sure which hand Alex had.

20:59: Liam Spence just bought in at the desk. Think that's his first entry and not a re-entry.

20:58: 4 minutes to go till the first break. 74 entries tonight and 128 overall. Still another flight tomorrow at 4pm too.

20:55: Mark Eadie Update: He's sitting on about 21k from the 1st bullet. I asked him to "Smile for Boaby" just as I took this picture. He said he's willing to sell action for Bullet #2 if you're interested. Only 8 minutes of late registration left so unlikely he'll take it tonight though.

20:51: Boaby Jardine (2nd best player of all time in 25/25 Scotland including 4 final tables according to the official rankings) is asking if Mark Eadie has fired a 2nd bullet yet. I'll just pop off and find out. Back in a minute.

20:50: Up to 71 players and an overall prize pool of £25,000 now! Guarantee met.

20:49: On Table 2, Michael Collumb opens to 450, called by Tom Blair and Ewan Brown in position plus Simonas G and Robert Mathieson in the blinds. Flop Th8d2d and Robert M takes the lead, betting out 700. Original Raiser, Michael folds but Tom calls in position and Simonas out of position. Turn 7c, Simonas checks, Robert bets 2k, Tom folds. Back to Simonas and he lets out a "Bleurgh" type sound then folds too.

20:42: Kyle Swan takes out Edward Marley. All in on the Turn with 33 (Kyle) vs JT (Edward), board AK3Q (not sure of the order of the Flop & Turn as I arrived just at the end). River Ace for Kyle to house-up and take it down. Didn't look like Edward had too many chips to start with though.

20:41: We are 1 player short of the £25,000 guaranteed now.

20:34: Ludo Geilich said he might drop in tonight for Flight B but no sign of him so far.

20:32: Comments on the blog if you'd like info any any particular player you are interested in also welcome.

20:31: I want to see some Tweeting action please. 69 players now; surely someone must have a Twitter account and have an update to post? Hashtag it #2525glasgow please. Please.

20:29: A trio of players just arrived from Edinburgh: Craig Smith (a previous 25/25 winner in this venue), Chris Ferguson (a UKIPT winner) and Paddy Doonan (his brother FTd a 25/25 event in Edinburgh).

20:25: Into Level 3 and we now have 66 entries. The overall prize pool is sitting at £24,000 which is just 5 entries short of the £25,000 guarantee so that should be exceeded shortly. I see 5 players at the registration desk now. Remember you can only enter up till the end of Level 3 plus the break (9.15pm).

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