25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight B - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 19:46


20:20: Gordon Casey out.

20:18: Double up for Simonas Griauzde vs John-Christopher Anderson on Table 2. Looks like Simonas limped for 150 with 7d3d out of turn by mistake pre-flop and called the extra 75 after John-Christopher made it 225 with AA before him. The board ended up Jd7c3s-6s-9s. John-Christopher had the lead the whole way and bet 15k on the River (enough to cover Simonas) and he called. He didn't seem too keen and said afterwards he thought John-Christopher had Pocket Nines though.

20:15: Roger Naughton all in again (1.5k this time). He gets 2 callers but can't get there with his Ts6s and is out. Looks like he's reported straight to the re-entry desk though.

20:14: First player out (I think). Jose Placido has gone.

20:13: Roger Naughton all in for about 700 chips with 64 vs 52. He doubles up!

20:09: The Greenock Posse has arrived and are all at the same table (#6). Neil Rankin, Gus Watt and Colin Telfer.

20:08: Latest seating. We now have 62 players. You can still get in till 9.15pm tonight remember.

20:05: Early double up for Martin Hammond (Seat 9) with QQ all in pre-flop vs Roger Naughton's TT (Seat 10). The Queens hold. Martin had a 20,400 stack before the hand and Roger is left with just a few chips.

19:57: On Table 3 John Hunter opens for 350 and is called by Ryan Barnes in position plus Tom Pearn and Ryan Hutchins from the blinds. Flop AcJc6c and all 4 players check. Turn 4c and all check again! River 6h and we see another 4 checks. No Clubs in sight and Ryan wins it with 6s3s for Trips.

19:55: No eliminations yet. Last night was quite unusual in that we didn't lose a player till about 10 minutes before the end of Level 3.

19:54: From Aberdeen I've spotted Mark Eadie and Alex Ferguson so far. Alex won the last Aberdeen leg, taking home £10,900 and a wee trophy.

19:50: Last night we had 54 entries. Tonight we are up to that already and there's a queue of players about to add to that.

19:47: Tyson was recently on holiday in Thailand and send a message back to his pal Willie Cheung to make sure he saved some money for him at the cash tables...

19:45: Into Level 2 and a couple of local players have entered, Gerard "Tyson" Lauchlan and Ryan "Baby Teeth" Barnes.

17th July 2015 @ 21:32
10s in pre for 20k?! Lol
17th July 2015 @ 22:35
Yep, I didn't catch all the action but they got 20k in each.
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