25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 1:08


01:52: David Weeks out next hand. All in pre-flop with AK vs Gavin McGuire's QQ. Gavin holds.

01:47: Kenny McMaihin out. Dean Hutchison opens to 2.5k pre-flop and Kenny calls in position. Lots of action on the AJ9 Flop sees them get it all in with Dean ahead (AJ) vs Kenny's AQ.

01:41: Todd Cairns moving in the right direction again; he's just taken Alan Clark out. We are down to 23. Todd looks like he might be back to around 65k.

01:37: Willie Cheung appears to be watching YouTube videos about Fish at the moment:

01:35: Todd C all in for 12k with QT soon after. He gets a call from Vince Calenti with 44 but he gets there and doubles up.

01:30: Paul Fallon bets 21k on the River vs Todd Cairns on an Ad9c4s-5h-5d board. Todd looked in pain but decided he didn't believe Paul and threw in the 21k. Paul turned over 6c5c for Trips and it was good. Todd down to about 12k now by the looks of it. Todd asked him what the plan was if he missed. "Ship it" was the reply!

01:20: Sam Wardlaw doubles up through Dean Hutchison. Looks like he flopped a Gutshot, turned a Flush Draw and got there on the River.

01:16: Nick Crozer out. He shoved his shortie all in with 89o but ran into Kenny McMaihin's QQ and didn't get there. Down to 24.

01:10: Top stacks at the final break with 25 left. 2 levels to go.

Paul Fallon 130k
Makka Hussain 110k
Gavin McGuire 100k
Andrew Sheard 100k

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