25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 0:19


00:55: Paul Gupta out. His As8s shove called by Roddy MacNeil's QQ and couldn't get there despite flopping a Flush Draw.

00:48: Kenny McMaihin gets a 2.5x up. All in pre-flop with AK vs AJ vs KQ and holds. Kenny now has about 41k.

00:43: Gavin McGuire on the rise. He has about 110k now.

00:41: Down to 27 players over 3 x 9-handed tables now. Another 15 minutes and we have the last break of the day. After that we play 2 more 40 minute levels.

00:34: Tom Pearn out. Looks like he shoved his 10k short stack all in over the top of Makka Hussain's open. Makka called (Qc3c) and was against Tom's ATo. Makka spiked a Three and it's good enough to send Tom to the rail.

00:32: Chris Wilson out. His KK ran into Dean Hutchison's AA.

00:28: GK Kamal takes out Thomas Ward with QJ vs 99 all in pre-flop.

00:25: Ian Swan just won a hand and shouted "Boom! Face cream 1, Yous Nil". Not entirely sure what he's on about but he seems to be having a good time.

00:24: Alan Brown out. Janice McLean says she got lucky with 55 vs his AA. It wasn't all in pre-flop though and I think she hit a Set on the Turn after a low flop. 31 left.

00:20: Thomas McGarvey (to the dealer's immediate right) doubles up his short stack with AQ.

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