25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th July 2015 @ 1:55


02:42: Flight A Chip Counts. 15/54 made it through.

Gavin McGuire 159,000
Todd Cairns 159,000
John Stirling 135,000
Paul Fallon 123,500
Makka Hussain 112,900
Andrew Sheard 92,300
Sam Wardlaw 90,900
Adam Jackson 88,200
Willie Cheung 82,700
Janice McLean 67,600
Dean Hutchison 50,700
GK Kamal 49,500
Roddy MacNeil 47,900
Ian Swan 46,800
Alex Ramsay 44,400

02:25: We are playing 5 more hands then it's all over.

02:22: The Massage Team has arrived. £1/minute if anyone would like a shot.

02:12: Bag Up minus 15 minutes. 15 players left.

02:10: David Cheung went out a little earlier just before we broke to 2 tables I understand.

02:09: Ian Swan has just applied some "lucky" face cream. Worrying.

02:08: Vince Calenti out. 16 now.

02:06: Less than hauf an 'our tae go.

02:03: Willie McClure out. He got his last 5.6k in with 94o and couldn't find a miracle. 17 left.

02:00: Gary Gracey out next. His Open Ended Straight Draw didn't get there all in on the Flop vs Sam Wardlaw's Top Set of Tens. 18 left. Going down to 2 x 9-handed tables.

01:57: Willie McClure down to 6.5k. His Flush Draw all in on the previous Flop didn't get there vs Roddy MacNeil's Top Set.

01:55: Last level of the day. 19/54 remain. Bedtime soon.

17th July 2015 @ 2:44
Dennis Kennedy
Todd Cairns run better lol
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