25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th July 2015 @ 23:26


00:11: Paul Gupta opens for 2.2k UTG, Kenny McMaihin calls in position as does Sam Wardlaw in the BB. Flop Tc8h6d. Checked around. Turn Js. Sam checks, Paul moves all in for about 15k. Kenny (who has about 24k in his stack) thinks for a long time but decides to fold. Sam folds too. Pot shipped to Paul Gupta. There's some chat after the hand including Railbird Gordon Wood and it sounds like Kenny passsed AJ for Top/Top.

00:07: Willie Cheung looks like he has about 35k now.

00:05: Dean Hutchison has been pretty short all night but looks like he has about 50k now.

00:03: Ian Swan claiming that Paul Fallon is running like god, "Flopping flushes for fun. Flushes OVER Flushes for fun".

00:02: Colin Malcolm out. Paul Fallon was the benefactor. Paul was already chip leader so this will only add to that. 32 left.

23:55: On Table 1, Gordon Wood shoves all in for a measly 6k. Makka Hussain calls but Gary Gracey then re-shoves from the BB for about 23k total. Makka calls, saying "Sorry, guys" in the process, and turns over KJo. Gordon has AKo but Gary is ahead with 77. It runs out clean for Gary and he eliminates Gordon and gest a full double up from Makka.

23:49: Ok, I'm back! We're now down to 36 over 4 tables from the 54 that started. Average stack is 38,600.

23:38: Players back for Level 7. I'm just having a wee dinner break of my own. Back soon.

23:26: Top stacks from the break:

Paul Fallon 110k
John "The Guvnor" Stirling 49k
Andrew Sheard 90k
David Cheung 66k
Makka Hussain 62k
Ian Swan 55k
Janice McLean 55k
Alex Ramsay 53k
David Weeks 47k
John Burns 43k
Gavin McGuire 43k
Nicholas Crozer 42k
Vince Calenti 42k

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