25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th July 2015 @ 22:47


23:25: Sounds like we lost George Wilson Jnr and Brian Roberts from Table 3 just before the break. Down to about 37.

23:18: Break in 5 minutes. After that we still have another 4 levels to play.

23:17: Maj Iqbal and Thomas Ward see a flop on Table 5. It's KQx and Thomas shoves all in over the top of Maj's bet. Maj folds, showing JJ, and saying "We could've just got it all in pre". Thomas still short stacked but this pot gets him moving in the right direction.

23:11: Paul Fallon's stack:

23:10: David Cheung's stack:

23:04: David White out. He won a seat last night in the live satellite but the dream ending was not to be.

23:03: I have some stylish ScottishPoker badges and card protectors going free. Just come up and ask me for one.

23:01: Gordon Wood was unhappy that he wasn't getting any blog coverage so I've made him a ScottishPoker.net Sponsored Pro. Unfortunately for him all this means is that he gets a nice badge.

22:58: On Table 1, Alan Clark opens to 1,300 UTG, Gordon Wood calls from the Cut-off and Todd Cairns comes along from the BB. Flop 8h4s2s. Todd checks, Alan bets 2.1k, Gordon folds and Todd calls. Turn 8c. That slows the action down and it's Check/Check. River 8h! Check/Check again and Alan wins with AJ (Ace High).

22:48: Into Level 6 now. Break and chip counts at the end of it.

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