25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th July 2015 @ 21:15


22:01: Moving up to Level 5.

22:00: Just noticed Dean Hutchison in the field.

21:56: James McLean also out.

21:48: Off to take some photos. Back in a bit.

21:46: Kellyann Heffernan out. She got the last of her chips in with JJ but couldn't hold vs Alan Clark's AK. Maybe she shouldn't have thrown in her bonus Kinder Egg to sweeten the pot!

21:40: Double up for short stack Gavin McGuire (right) with AQ vs AJ all in pre-flop. He now has about 17k. Conghai Wang (left) had the AJ.

21:39: Willie Cheung is now in the game!

21:38: Jim Kynoch on Table 2:

21:35: Stuart Wilson from Aberdeen spreading the inter-city love by cheering on Vince Calenti:

21:30: Local favourite Willie Cheung is on the alternate list. We have 49 players seated and Willie entered at the break but needs a player to bust before he takes his seat. He is currently running around the room looking for all ins and cheering for the big stack!

21:25: Tweets from Dennis Shaw and J Kelly:

21:24: Back in action here. Registration closed with 54 entries for Flight A.

21:23: Chip stacks from the break:

David Weeks 48k
Ian Swan 46k
GK Kamal 42k
Gary Gracey 40k
Brian Roberts 39k
Alan Clark 38k
Vince Calenti 38k
Maj Iqbal 33k
Alan Findlay 34k
John Stirling 32k
Adam Jackson 32k
Janice McLean 30k
Ryan Hutchins 30k
Makka Hussain 30k
Paul Gupta 30k
John Burns 29k

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