25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th July 2015 @ 20:28


21:07: Break time! 49 players.

21:06: Paul Fallon eliminates Colin Gillon just before the break too. I'm sure he'll be re-entering though.

21:05: Last hand on Table 2 sees Paul Gupta get 15k in pre-flop with Q8 vs Martin Gallagher's KK. Paul hits Trip Queens to double up. Martin G now on about 5k.

20:55: Tom is all in next hand with 66 vs Todd's 88. Todd flops a Set and Turns a Full House to leave Tom dead again. Tom Pearn is out first and only bust-out of the day! Up to 48 players now. 7 minutes to go till the break.

20:52: Todd Carins opens for 600 and Tom Pearn 3bets to 1,800 in position. New to the table Kellyanne H thinks it over in the BB but elects to fold. Back to Todd and he jams all in for his 11.8k stack. Tom snap-calls and shows KK. Todd has AcQc. Todd is not keen to the be the first player out but he's got nothing to worry about as the flop comes down with an Ace and a Queen followed by another Ace on the Turn, leaving Tom drawing dead.

20:48: Someone's ordered a garlic pizza flat bread thing and not eaten it. Been sitting here for an hour. I'm going to steal it at the break if no one's claimed it by then!

20:46: Thomas Ward and Kellyann Heffernan have just arrived and joined the game.

20:45: Confirmed that no one has busted yet! We have 21 minutes to go till the end of this level which is the last time to re-enter.

20:43: We are now at 46 entries. I might be mistaken but I don't think anyone has busted out yet which is very unusual. Chip counts for the top stacks will be forthcoming on the break after this level.

20:35: Tom Pearn (left) opens for 700 UTG and is called by Ian Swan to his immediate left. Heads up to the Flop which comes down QhJd3d. Tom bets 1,100 (think it was 1,100, not 100% though) and Ian calls. Turn 9c. Tom bets 1,700, Ian calls. River 8h. Check/Check and Tom wins with J9o (Two Pair). Ian showed AKo (Ace High).

20:30: Martin Gallagher takes one down vs David Weeks. Didn't catch the pre-flop action but Martin bet all 3 streets and David called 2, only to flop for 2,800 on the River.

20:28: Shot of the poker room:

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