25/25 Glasgow IV - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th July 2015 @ 18:49


19:47: Blinds up!

19:41: Paul Fallon and Ian Swan go to war on the Turn 9h9c5d-8h. Paul bet, Ian raised to 1,700 then Paul made it 5k. Ian called and the River was 3h. Paul bet 8k and Ian snap-called, showing T9o for Trips. Paul says "It's good" and mucks.

19:39: Latest seating after a few more players have entered:

19:36: Todd C opens for 300 in the Hijack and Tom Pearn 3bets the Cut-off to 1k. Back to Todd and he lets it go.

19:35: Todd says "I will not disrespect you guys by looking at my hand" as he makes it 300 on the Button. His old pal Ian Swan takes a flop from the BB. Ian check/folds the flop and Todd shows that he even made a pair.

19:34: Up to 31 players now. Last time Flight A in Glasgow in January had 61 entries.

19:33: Gordon Wood on the move from Table 1 so the noise level should decease a couple of notches.

19:31: Tom Pearn had a nice score last week at an Edinburgh event. He was involved in a 3-way chop and took home £5,500 for a £150+£15 buy-in.

19:25: On Table 1 Todd Cairns opens for 300, Gordon Wood calls, Tom Pearn (grey hoodie and cap) calls then Gary Gracey (green polo shirt) 3bets to 1,200 in the cut-off. Todd and Gordon fold but Tom decides to take a flop heads up vs Gary. It comes down KcJh2c and Tom checks. Gary bets 1,800 and Tom calls. Turn 7s. Tom check/calls 3,300 this time. River 2s and both players check. Gary tables AKo for Top Pair and it's good.

19:23: Gordon Wood from Fife and Todd Cairns seated next to each other. They both like a chat so Table 1 is quite noisy at the moment.

19:22: Here are the chip denominations in play:

19:28: We are up to 27 players now.

19:15: Todd Cairns is involved after just recently arriving back from a few weeks in Las Vegas. He managed to bring home $75,321 for a 5th place out of 1,602 runners at a Planet Hollywood tournament. Here he is at that FT:

19:10: Tough-looking field so far:

19:05: Kicked off with 19 players but plenty more in the queue to enter. If you are following the blog or player in the event please tweet your updates using #2525glasgow so we can pick them up.

18:52: We should be getting under way here in less than 10 minutes.

16th July 2015 @ 19:13
Wee bobby
Good luck Phil MaCrackin
16th July 2015 @ 19:40
Can't see Phil in the field. Maybe he's going to late register. You can get in till 9.15pm.
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