25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 2 - Level 24 (20000/40000)RA 4000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 21st June 2015 @ 23:33


01:30 We are 4 handed, Chipcounts coming up.

01:24 Flop is 9s5dJs Jamie checks and Staurt bets 100K Called. Turn 10d Check call of 150K by Jamie. River 3d. Stuart bets 175k and Jamie check raises to 336K and all in. Stuart tanks and says lets go and calls. Jamie has 78 for a straight and Stuart has Q8 for the bigger straight. We lose Jamie in 5th and he collects £2,210

01:15 Colin is the most active at the table and is chipping up nicely.

01:06 Shaun Rutter shoves and is called by Ian. Shaun has KQ and Ian AK. Board runs 78T 8 3. We lose Shaun in 6th ans he takes home £1,650.

01:01 Colin makes it 80k and is called by Ian and Shaun. Flop AK4 Colin bets 105K Ian calls. Turn 9 Colin bets 200K. Ian folds.

00:53 Clock stopped for a toilet break. Here is a list of the Prizes to be won.

1  £11,870
2  £7,800
3  £4,900
4  £3,340
5  £2,210
6  £1,650

00:48 In terms number of FTs reached by players after 13 x 25/25 Scotland events Boaby Jardine is Ranked #1 with 4. No one else even had 3 FTs until tonight but it's Ian Swan that has moved up into the #2 spot with his 3rd FT in Edinburgh.

00:43 25/25 Series Leaderboard. Martin J Smith has been calculating the winning's from all previous 25/25. 

00:41 Chip Counts

Name Chips Table Seat
Stuart Quate 980,000 1 1
Ian Swan 1,100,000 1 3
John Angus 680,000 1 4
Jamie Bowes 310,000 1 5
Shaun Rutter 650,000 1 6
Colin Gillon 1,300,000 1 8

00:37 Level up and chip counts coming,.

22nd June 2015 @ 0:56
Maybury Reg
Is that "toilet break" code for "they're away to discuss a chop" or an actual real toilet break?
Replied by David Blacklaw on 22nd June 2015 @ 1:32
ha. No it was actually a Toilet break.
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