25/25 Edinburgh III - Day 2 - Level 22 (12000/24000)RA 2500

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 21st June 2015 @ 21:48


23:36 Players are on a 15 Minute Break. Full counts coming up,

23:25 Stuart and Colin get it all in on the Flop of KJT Colin has KJ and Stuart Q9. Turn Q River T. Stuart doubles to 480K. Colin having a rough ride at the moment.

23:20 All in and Call. Ian has QQ and Colin has AsKs. Board runs 7s2c3s 8c 9d. Ian doubles to around 800K.

23:18 Chip counts

Name Chips Table Seat
Stuart Quate 280,000 1 1
Ian Swan 400,000 1 3
John Angus 280,000 1 4
Jamie Bowes 590,000 1 5
Shaun Rutter 460,000 1 6
Barry Blackwood 1,400,000 1 7
Colin Gillon 1,400,00 1 8
Patrick Bell 200,000 1 9

23:10 Biggest Hand of the day!!!! Colin Raises to 50K and Patrick calls and Ian makes the BB up. Flop 4Q7 Colin Bets 60K and Patrick makes it 160K. Ian folds and Colin calls. Turn J Check Check. River J. Colin announces ALL In and Patrick calls. Colin has 44 for Full House and Patrick has JT. Colin ships the 1,200,000 Pot and is now 2nd in Chips.

23:03 Pics

22:57 Everyone still Deepstacked and plenty of play for everyone.

22:53 Blinds are up and the Chip average is 628,100

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